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  1. i was drunk texted all night..drunk text 1 - 1109pm PST Dmtjddrunk text 2 - 1153pm PST Wpmwdpg wgjgdrunk text 3 - 1159pm PST Sdude sare touxpomifgngh to anbaheime (this should read 'dude are you coming to anaheim')drunk text 4 - 1201am PST Gjhaytds abeimgidrunk text 5 - 1231am PST Yweaggg sir
  2. accept allin without to see the floop so i can sleep kthx
  3. gg, wp, ulin all seriousness it unfortnate hes passed so early but he has had his fair share of medical troubles in the past few years. it is unfortunate his great achivements in music and performing have been overshadowed by the allegations of child abuse hes had lately. the world truly has lost one of the best entertainers we have had. also sad is how this overshadows farrah fawcetts death, she deserves respect as well and unfortunately the media wont focus on her at all due to MJ.
  4. goggogogog railingnice cL! deepstacks favour good players, ship it one time!villain has best avatar ever ainec'gg, wp, ul, etc'niceeee
  5. "we regret to inform you that due to the length of this final table we will be unable to bring you coverage of event - $1500 NL"ffs
  6. Great idea SB - but you may want to clarify MTT's a little bit more - two tables is a bit small. I believe most people when using MTT results in a contest, etc set a minimum number of entrants to 100 or so. Otherwise you'll be tracking people winning 45 man SNGs all month which defeats the purpose of tracking MTT wins/etc
  7. fwiw i was 4x ave and lost a couple massive pots with opp's drawing at me. i dont really think i could have more, im playing pretty aggro and stealing a ton. std play late in mtt
  8. im in a 3$ mt on stars, and in 201 hands ive had AA 6 times, KK once, qq,jj,tt,99 and a couple smal pairs, AKx3, and aq/aj twice each. im ave stack with 175 left. fml. i cant win a pot worth anything. im bluffing and raising randomly and i cant build my stack. isalaa 6 times in 200 hands has to be a record.
  9. al macinnis is from cape breton and cb rocks.
  10. depending on phone model yes. youd want good cell coverage though, and probably just need the usb cord that lets you connect comp to phone. then go to network connections and set up a new one as per how you would do it with your perticular phone. if you give me model i can find you how to do it
  11. if you have an iphone 3g or 3g blackberry, use this. i do. sigh. haha its not bad, its essentially remote desktop access software so you are in effect using ur home connection thru 3G network.RDM+www.rdmplus.comthank me later.
  12. if this goes through dont panic.install Hotspot Shield Launch which will make your computer think youre in another state by connecting to a virtual server and sending all data through it first. I use it to watch US-Only videos on Hulu/etcproblem solved
  13. im pretty sure he had more cards to hit to bust aces than aces had to holdthats my understanding of omahahaha
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