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  1. Instashove. You clearly have the best hand. No one has TT+.
  2. I think people are giving waaaaay to much credit to a player in a 30 person live tournament. Call on that flop does not mean super strength and could be any Qx.
  3. I don't see why you are shoving anything with 100BBs to a single raise.
  4. Don't fold face up. Why give them free information?
  5. In my experience this is almost always a big hand trying to get action by appearing to make a wild overbet. This bet wants a call, there's no reason to do this just to pick up the blinds.
  6. This is exactly the flop you want. If you are really going to narrow his range to only AA (and I don't see how you could do this) then how you do play it if the A hits the flop? Why call preflop then? You don't even need much fold equity to be ahead on that board. The only hand you're really behind is AA so if his 3-bet range is any wider than AA you have enough raw equity to get it all in on this flop. I don't have pokerstove handy but I'm pretty sure any reasonable range we ascribe to villain here is going to give you the advantage.
  7. Yeah, and this is a good opportunity to get itm! def a call.
  8. I'm with Dhall on this one, you do not have a flush draw worth considering. With only 8 outs a bet here is more of a total bluff than a semi-bluff. The limped pot could easily have a couple pocket pairs. I don't like it.
  9. You are confusing "advantage" with "unfair advantage". Yes, a better player has an advantage over a worse one, but that's not an unfair advantage. Unfairness is not (well, should not be) rampant in poker.
  10. I think some of those things are illegal, so it probably isn't a good idea for anyone to say if they really can get them for you here.
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