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  1. I've heard being unpredictable goes a long way.Small ball wants information on your hand out of your pre and postflop bets. If your style is seemingly random he hopefully won't know what to do, get confused, and hopefully make the wrong decision.That doesn't 'necessarily' mean slowplaying alot.
  2. Isn't 'don't overplay your pocket pairs' poker 101 these days?You have a small lead against most all-ins there, but are a 4:1 dog against most PP's.Alot of people shove all-in with those mini PPs preflop, but there are only a few situations where this is a good idea (PS: this wasn't one )So yeah, i agree with most of the replys, you got what was coming.why AK is better to shove with preflop is that you still have a coinflip against almost any pocket pair, and an advantage to any other 2 cards (and a dominating lead against AQ, KQ and most other sklansky 2 hands)
  3. Nah, you shouldn't have raised more preflop, with those stacks and on BB, 3 times the big is an ok play.There's always a chance you're beat on a seemingly harmless flop, but you could've called that straight away, even if the player's image tight.
  4. Oh hi guise...Well thanks for the rare useful reply here and there, and the rest of you, you did made me laugh, BUT...... It's the jokers like you who always seem to have position on me, always make huge bets, think it's all a joke, and still crack my aces with that J9o.what do you have to say to THAT?Happy Caturday
  5. Okay here's something that puzzled me for sometime.We all know the real long-term poker players stick to strict bankroll management rules, which includes not playing too high for your bankroll.I stick to this vigilantly, in mini limits even, to teach myself discipline.Now i have a friend, lets call him Tim, and Tim doesn't like bankroll management.All right so let's say Tim manages to quadruple his stack in 3 days. Can happen right, a good run, but he's bound to lose it again.Tim didn't lose, Tim withdrew all in time and got a huge boost to his salary that month.Ok this happens too, quit while
  6. Uhm, i don't wanna burst the bubble (geddit), but tripling a bankroll in 2 days: tough! Ferguson took 9 months to bring his bankroll from 0 to 100. If you gonna try triple it or even try to achieve too much in too short a timespan, you will play too aggresive, gamble, and probably lose (you might win if lucky, but thats only if).Of course, since it's nearly monday now, so how did it go?
  7. I never made it past 2 meters, seriously who came up with this game?
  8. The thread title is a reference to Chris Ferguson's project, but it has been used sometime now.Starting from zero on pstars? Tough, the freerolls often are too overvisited (by loose players, making it a full-out gamble-fest). and you may find it hard to even fish out anything like 10 cts. You can try other rooms, but it'll mostly be the same there. Face it, we can't all be Chris Fergusons, and even he took 6 full months to bring his stack to 6.50 from 0, zo don't count on it unless you feel a luckfest coming your way.Gl at the tables.
  9. Well i knew raise to 10K was the right thing to do, but in reality i'd fold, your table image can't decide the cards your opponent is holding.But oh well, knowing the right thing to do is one thing!
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