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  1. fold but i would have prob bet the flop bc i suck like that
  2. any reads on villain? if you believe him to be good/solid etc i believe you can eliminate flush draw possibilty with as much as you were charging him giving him horrible pot odds to call....unless maybe he had AKc or AQc, but then would he have 3 bet you pre with these?I think a read on him is important in helping you decide, but as is I think blocker bet is best..folding to any raiseThoughts on appropriate size of blocker bet? is a little under half pot size about standard?
  3. please fold.....no need for tough decision this early
  4. I could live with folding this preflop for sure...but actually i don't think it is too bad to cold call here pre based on the style of table i perceive you to be playing at for several reasons1) You say your table is overall bad with lots of action: My experience with this type is 3 betting in your position really doesn't get much respect with lots of loose players acting behind you: If they look down and see 2 cards they like, they are going to play regardless 2) Knowing this, you have to suspect your going to get at least one call behind you even with the 3 bet: And all this 3 bet does is c
  5. in a 1.10 DON with blinds 10/20 UTG im def folding this preflop..but as is it's easy fold on turn....range= either a decent K or flopped set
  6. Preflop: I doubt I'm 3 betting with AQ off in UTG+1 against a raise from UTG from solid TAG player, especially if your table is as full stations as it seems to beTurn: No good way to play two pair...Don't mind the raise on the turn but i'm thinking with his 3 bet on the turn your beat by a set 9's or maybe even A's of Q's but less likelyThink maybe you could have saved yourself some trouble by raising on the flop to get a better idea of his hand rangeI'm very curious as to what in the world SB has..guess he's just donating?
  7. When players evolve, styles must evolveOverall I still think the majority of players are losing players...Few people in proportion to the amount of players take advantage of info access, and even if they do; few take the next step in actually using the info and staying disciplined both with poker and also lifestyle. Actually I think the post 03 popularity of poker has brought more fish into the sea with the "learn from watching TV" and "anybody can do it" players.As for forums destroying the wicked soft games? I don't really think so, but that's just IMO.
  8. cooler...it happens...don't really think you did anything "wrong"...any read on villain to help the decision? if i have no read on villain in a situation like this i usually click "time" and search villain on OPR to maybe have a better idea of his hand range...it's either a way ahead or way behind decision....if his stats are good he probably has you on big PP with your raise in BB and wouldn't be shoving with anything less than two pair....if his stats are bad, pray he has AJ and call
  9. Thanks, I find myself in tough PF raising scenarios as far as wondering what is "correct" at this point in the STT but I will def be using the 2.5...according to an STT book I have "Secrets of SNGS"...i should be shove botting at this point but at these lower levels 5.50-1.25 ; i'm not really sure shove botting is most profitable especially on a shorter BR...seems like people will call with anything and the variance is just sickActually seems like I was better at these things (STT's and also MTT's) when I was a much worse player (around a year ago)...but just looking for a profitable change fr
  10. I def check the riverI don't mind the bet on the flop but I usually like to make it a pot size bet with TP TK on a draw heavy on the board at the flop...most players at the level don't understand pot odds so i think they are calling on any draw....his check call on the turn might seem scary.....that is until he checks the river (unless he is making one of the donk fav moves to check shove river with the nuts or just make a bluff that they get their rocks off on)...either way i'm checking behind and happy to take this pot down
  11. well i did make the fold considering it was probably KK or a smaller pair that I didn't need to risk a coin flip.....in the ensuing hands the big stack played so passive against the micro stack that he gave him some wiggle room...then of all the times to double him up, big stack calls with a gutshot after the flop...i became the short stack and with 5BB pushed on the button with A5s...of course craigger had to wake up with TT in the BB and I bubbled out....
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