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  1. Has anyone else had trouble getting a response from FCP support? I sent this message to them last Thursday and haven't gotten a response a week later:
  2. Daniel, have you ever played in any of the NYC clubs? It would be great to see you here someday (when you're not busy with one of your 1,642 projects).
  3. When they say that all players will have "at least $100k on hand" are they talking about a min bankroll or min buy-in?
  4. I agree with the above suggestions. If Daniel and the other pros feel strongly enough about it, they should schedule their own tournament during the WSOP. If they time it to compete with some of the smaller WSOP events and have it televised (NBC, FSN, whatever), or even webcasted a la Live at the Bike, it might steal enough of the WSOP's thunder to get Harrahs to notice.But it's easy to see why Harrahs is doing what it's doing. I can't say that I blame them.
  5. With TPTK? Value bet.As for the hand in question...Any reads on villian? if its checked to him would he try and steal? If so i'd let him bet, hope the SB calls, and then raise it up to pump the pot. If the villian is passive, i'd probobly bet out half the pot or so, maybe more.... I'm not to great at tourneys yet.Yeah, I know I should have value bet on the previous hand. Chalk it up to nerves.I forgot to add that my sense was that Villain would bet just about any flop if checked to.
  6. I started this hand with 14k, Villain was table chip leader at about 30k. He built his stack up with two hands. One was a bizarre call of a pre-flop raiser's check-raise all-in with J:heart: 9:heart: on a Q x:heart: x:heart: flop when Villain had nowhere close to the proper odds and losing the pot would have crippled him (pre-flop raiser had KK, turn came 9, river came J). His other big hand was when his KK ran into AA and the board came AKQTK. Rather than use his big stack to bully the table, he seemed content limping into as many pots as possible hoping to trap. Other than the J:heart:
  7. I had a blast. Played with James Woods for 4 hours. Got knocked out late on day 1C with a healthy chip stack when I picked up J T in the big blind with the flop showing K Q 7 . Picked the wrong time to tangle with the table chip leader, who had K 4 . I can't wait to do it again next year!
  8. Hmm, I'm already writing the Ellix Powers bio. Should be an easy enough Find and Replace. So, sure!
  9. He totally wigged out, blew all his savings on JOPKE accessories and Hellmuth paraphernalia and ended up on the street. Here he is trying to get Hellmuth to spot him $10k "just one more time" (note the ingratiating jersey):This is the dark underbelly of professional poker that no one likes to talk about.
  10. A fold has an expected value of 0. You are getting over 11:1 on a call. You don't think A8o has a positive expected value getting 11:1 in this situation? I don't think moving in is horrible, but I think the same player that would raise your flop bet would probably also call your all-in.
  11. Wow. I know you and your son's lives are none of my business, but I suggest you investigate further how most pros really live before you push your son into gambling.
  12. Harry, when did you send in your pre-registration? I sent mine on April 27 and haven't gotten confirmation that they received my payment yet.
  13. I don't know if you just made this quote up or merely have taken it completely out of context. But following this quote always and literally would mean you could NEVER bluff, and I assure you Doyle knows how to bluff. Following this quote in a tournament would mean you could never steal blinds, and if you can't steal blinds then you just arent a good tournament player.You misunderstand the full meaning of the quote. When you raise with trash, a reraise won't make you throw up because you're presented with an easy decision: fold. If you raise with a decent hand and get reraised, you throw up
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