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  1. My sister and I just ate soup with bread rolls followed by fresh baked cookies. I am so full I almost feel sick. BUT, apparantly my dad is expecting us for a 3 course meal which his girlfriend has made herself... We thought we were just popping by for dessert. If I try to eat any more I may barf, but my Englishness tells me to be polite and eat as much as I can otherwise dad and his woman will be offended. My cookies were so lush though: White chocolate, sour cherry and macadamia. Just a little undercooked (deliberately) so they're chewy but crisp, not crunchy. Yummmm.
  2. WTF, how did mila survive this week?Terrible printterrible designterrible fitwhat's to like? I am flabbergasted. Not even in the bottom two? Bull. Shit.
  3. I think instead of a save the judges should have a swap, sending the second lowest home instead. I think they might have done that if it were an option since tim needs to go.
  4. I am real unhappy about this elim. The judges had it in for her and I think it affected her vote. If they had praised her more, especially last week when she really deserved it, I think the public would have given her more support. Good week except for tim, sibohan and katie. Aaron was weak but not too bad. Everyone else very good. Favourites were mike and lee.
  5. Thanks guys. I wish Cheeto was here for me to cuddle, I'm pretty sure science proved that cats are good for human health and wellbeing. Nothing more relaxing than chilling with a nice friendly cat.
  6. Finally someone mentions the boots. Thank you Brad, you have no idea how hard it was to find waterproof knee-high boots that fit me. Ended up costing me $200 (thank you student loan). Ron, thanks for complimenting my height. I used to be 5'5.5" and it took a lot of willpower to grow that extra half inch. I believe 5'6" is the perfect height for a lady.
  7. you give it full marks for technical expertise? That's... Odd. I mean, it's well done, but not that difficult. I'd give it 7 maybe. Q's is an example of 10/10 technical difficulty, so I think it's a contender for first place.
  8. for some reason the Domino pizza in the UK is totally different from the USA. They haven't changed the recipe here, but I prefer the UK pizza to the old US one if it helps. Also we have this amazing garlic pizza bread instead of the gross garlic bread they do in the US. It's better than any normal pizza, you guys are really missing out.
  9. I'm sure you can include future assets in a prenuptial agreement, in terms of a % of future earnings. Like you could say your wife would be entitled to 25% of your earnings from the period during which you were married.
  10. Yeah. Her name is Perine. Have I made a joke about how she should have a last name that's pronounced Eeyum yet? I've been holding off on it because I don't want loogie to hate me.
  11. Twilight is possibly the worst thing ever. The tackiest, most cliched, cheesiest pile of shit ever made. When people quote lines from it on facebook or wherever I am appalled by how nauseatingly insipid and corny they are ("you're my own personal brand of heroin"). You know those romance books old women read, the ones with Fabio on the front cover and names like 'The Price of Passion'? Twilight is the equivalent for teenage girls. The books have no literary value, and the films have no cinematic value. The whole franchise is purely designed to get young girls aroused by the idea of a sexy vamp
  12. Oh no he di'nt! I am ridic cultured compared to most people my age. I've travelled a fair bit, I'm quite well-read, I've seen all kinds of art and entertainment, I'm soon to graduate from university, and I am a typically polite Englishwoman. I think I am a fine example of what a cultured person is. Did I mention I'm going to see some Offenbach at the Barbican on Saturday? CULTURED. Also, a few nights ago I had a dream which included President Obama, former President Bill Clinton, Rihanna, The Spice Girls, and that ugly bint Susan Boyle, all in one room. CULTURED.
  13. Brag post: I just weighed myself and I've lost about a stone (14 lbs) since I got back from the USA. It's awesome and hopefully I can lose a bit more so speedz will let me come live with him and Cheeto. Speaking of whom, I haven't had any new pics for a while speedz....
  14. From what I have read there is a rusty scissors scene which is very much M.
  15. Really? I thought you were into that kind of thing. You know, sado-masochism and all that.
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