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  1. Thanks to Poker Stars for their 300 fpp give away ! From zero into a 70 fpp satellite wich gave me a nice 11 T$. Now up to 15 $ so my bankroll is started ! Objective : 40 $ before monday
  2. When you have the best hand. The way you talk it's like there is no difference between 7-2 and A-K if you haven't seen the flop
  3. Dude, WE ARE THE SAME except that your an 23yrs old American and Me a 19yrs Old Canadian loll enough said, I feel exactly like you when I lose because I read that human mind wants to go even when we lose and that's what seperate long term winners and long term losers. I really want to work my mind to toss off those bad beats and bad runs to improve my long term wins. Just take a look at my thread to see how I lost my entire bankroll in a single night...Here It's awful..Best of luck dude ! At least I know that I'm not alone in this situation.
  4. Well I suck. I'm a good poker player but a nasty bankroll manager. I can work out to turn a 10 $ into 100 within a week easily but the problem is that I got broke. Worked my bankroll like a good little boy since that scary night happened. I lost my entire stack on 2 tables back to back with the craziest bad beats ever. (once had K-K v.s 5-5 and caught his set on the river call my crazy raises all along on 10c/25c 6 handed) anyway. I had 95$ in my bankroll and went down to 70 $. It's not that extreme but my mind turned off and obliged me to win back that lousy 25 $ that i lost. So, i decided to
  5. So, what is going on now where are you up to ? any noticable progress ? keep updating!
  6. Dude I totally know what you are talking about. You know when you click ''sit out next hand'' then you have your LAST hand and you find out a nice A-K suited , K-K, Q-Q ... Then you raise and a player reraise you. Then the flop is total garbage and you end up losing what you worked on for the past hours...Worst than being stabbed in the back or similar.. One advice, get over it real quick before it start smelling like TILT because thats your real enemy.PeAcE !
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