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  1. First off, tell us what you think your main problem in adjusting is. If we know that we can give you more specific advice. It could be a psychological problem for all you know. The more information we have the better diagnosis we can give.Secondly, regarding hand percentage, don't worry about that. Just worry that you are playing the right hands for the game and position you are in. I'm going to echo everyone with suggestion that you read small stakes.
  2. I've hit my desk several times. But never after a bad beat, just after a bad mistake on my part. That's the only thing that really irritates me.
  3. Actually its a fairly common concept. Remember against the bad opponents you see in PLO, second best hands is a great source of profit. One of the reasons for wanting more people in the pot when drawing to the flush (besides better odds) is that you are hoping somone is calling hoping to make a dominated hand. People are going to have a much harder time laying down a king high flush compared to queen high flush. So, both AhKh and AhTh are decent starting hands but I would much rather draw to the flush with the second one.
  4. I didn't stumble on a soccer thread, did I?
  5. Hehe, the local paper here has a prayer on the front page every day. I don't think they'll go for it no matter how Christian Daniel is. :-)
  6. Number two definitely. The only sections from one that are still applicable are the nl section and the stud section. All of the other games are no longer exsistant or structured differently.However, just so you know the PLO section in SS/2 isn' t that good. If you have played the game for more than a hour, you will already know most what is in there.
  7. I think Feguson was more referring to nl where a reraise can have you seriously doubting the strength of your hand.
  8. What everyone else said. Plus a couple of things of note. Heads up you were a favorite against a straight with two cards to come. Also, a set against two straights is a favorite with two cards to come. Both of those were highly likely so he was right to fold his straight.A set with flush draw versus straight:http://twodimes.net/h/?z=1003917pokenum -o kd js 2c 3c - ah as 4h 5c -- ad qh th Omaha Hi: 820 enumerated boards containing Ad Qh Thcards win %win lose %lose tie %tie EVJs 3c 2c Kd 280 34.15 540 65.85 0 0.00 0.341As 5c Ah 4h 540 65.85 280 34.15
  9. There's an explanation at the bottom of this page on how to download it.http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showflat...t=1#Post1879164
  10. Just went out in 1070 place. Blinds are 25/50 and I have about 1650. I limp withpocket jacks utg as I really dont want to play to this out of position. Theres a few callers and then the sb raises to 450. I had just watched him call an all in of 700 with 45 suited so I wasn't overly worried. I push all in. He calls with aq and hits his A.
  11. That is why you prepare for this instance.....If the cheater has a weapon....you should always have somebody with a firearm ready...and if the cheater pulls his gun...you shoot him dead. (In Florida, you are allowed to kill an intruder in your home.)After you kill him, you might have to "prepare" the scene and have the other players give statements as to the "fact" that the cheater intruded into your home with a firearm....or of course you dispose of the body by chopping it up and placing the pieces into seperate garbage bags and then toss them in the ocean weighed down by concrete blocks.Chr
  12. Some guys may call this guy a wimp, but he's right. Assult charges are serious, not to mention that several people jumpling one person can quickly get out of hand. Add in the chance of him carrying a weapon and the violence just becomes a really risky idea.
  13. Lubbock, Tx, by way of:Dallas, TxSt. Claire Shores, MiEl Paso, TxFt. Lauderdale, FlEl Centro, Ca
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