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  1. Thanks. that makes a lot of sense. hadn't considered in that way.
  2. As an accountant I can assure you that np's make some of the worst spending decisions of anyone. Your case is a prime example. The phrase "penny wise, pound foolish" was written for np's. that's not to say theyre not valuable organizations. just run by people who don't understand wise investment.
  3. The old boss woulda kept him for sentimental reasons. Hank doesn't have a heart.
  4. Is it still worth reading if youre a New Yorker? I like most of his writing but he gets annoying about the Celtics. We get it. Bird was great. yadda yadda yadda.
  5. Nice post.FWIW I did WPT camp on cash play this summer, and Brancato coaches there as well. I think he develops the curriculum for them, or something. He's good. Don't know much about him as a player.
  6. All kiddin aside. If this becomes neverwin i'm never coming back. I know I'm not a big poster here, but I like the site and community. I used to have to take a shower after visiting neverwin. And not a cold shower. A shower with bleach.
  7. Cameron is a pompous a**, but he can make an epic film with the best of them, it seems. Pure escapism.
  8. As far as banks, the other option to consider is forcing the banks to downsize so they don't reach that "too big to fail" size. Britain's been doing that with the banks it bailed out. Is there any reason we shouldn't split the largest banks, in the same we we did with the phone companies. The power the large banks have as a result of their size and the effect that their failing would have on the economy is the same as the influence of monopolies. Here's a Newsweek article about the UK bank splitting.http://blog.newsweek.com/blogs/wealthofnat...ig-to-fail.aspxEdit: And by phone companies, I act
  9. I've been wondering the same thing! I keep passing the same billboard here in NYC. Who's paying to put this up?
  10. Here's the text of the original article. The original article isn't up anymore but someone pulled it onto a business school site, for some reason.http://www.daniels.du.edu/newsevents/news/...bout_poker.html
  11. So I came across a couple articles a while back about the Kansas poker-syle game Kandu that's now on its way to trial, apparently. (I posted the links here, but removed them b/c the links no longer work, apparently the Kansas Eagle doesn't archive online)Then a scrolled through a debate about on 2 + 2 about Kandu. It wasn't particularly enlightening. So I wanted to post this question here. One of the articles I read about the Kandu debate asked online pro Nick Brancato (googled him, apparently “Nicky Numbers”) about the game, and he said he didn’t have the same advantage when playing Kandu. Th
  12. First of all, I just learned a bunch about New Zealand and the Maori. Thank you.To your point about English slavery and the perception of black people in England vs. America. First of all, there are hyphenated terms for British subjects. I believe Anglo-Indian is a term used for British people originally from India. I think there's even a term for "Anglo-African" but these are far less used. In the U.S., "African-American" is actually out of fashion for the exact reason you gave. "Black" is the prevailing term. But your point is still relevant. Why is there a difference between referencing som
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