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  1. Weather was finally nice enough to do some grilling on Friday, been eating leftover brats, burgers, and various salads all weekend
  2. you think the hockey forum is bad....come to general
  3. I have never played on UB, but I have played on AP. Mainly MTT's which didn't seem rigged, however I can say that I saw a lot of crazy stuff going on at the few cash games I played there. Does anyone know when UB and AP became part of the same network? This could have been prior to that consolidation. I really hope for the game's integrity, that these sites aren't rigged.Thats why I still prefer my B & M games
  4. im raising more preflop, and calling down in this spot everytime. Like LJB said, villian could easily have a 10, smaller pocket pair, or complete air. Plus why are we not raising that turn? Another ace and another 10 or the only two cards we really don't wanna see hit.Do we think most villians would lay down any ace there if we raise the turn after committing that much already? I think the money goes in either way (turn or river, unless you fold the river like above, which you should not be doin) so we should be reraising the turn.
  5. I kno, I've lurked for many years, I learned not to take anything too seriously here.
  6. I swear to god I am inept at using the search feature. I honestly searched before I posted this, and it came back with zero results for everything I searched for.
  7. *cry* at suited's remarks and lol at epic failure of a thread
  8. Thought it would be interesting to find out what everyone on this site does for a living. I work as a Master Plasma Center Technician and Phlebotomist at a Plasma Collection Facility. Basically I put unnecessarily large needles into people's arms and take their plasma. They get paid $70 per week for 2 hours worth of donations for any of you poor degenerates out there.
  9. You never fold Kings in a cash game preflop. You just don't do it. I shove here and see if we can get a call from AK or a smaller pocket pair. Just calling risks seeing the flop three-handed since Villian2 only needs $13 more to call as well. Reraising to $60 seems to give our hand away too much and I think makes it possible for hands like AK, JJ, 10's to fold. Going for the homerun shove preflop will sometimes induce a call from hands like AK, AQ etc who will often times put you on a mid pocket pair.Just my thinking, but I'm open to arguments and better lines we can take
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