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  1. Joe hachem should have been going way more crazy then he was when he won it all. Instead of praying the board didnt make a straight on the final hand he was just telling Steve that he was the man. I re-watched the scene again and it looked even more clear that they had a deal.
  2. Hachem pointed at him and said, "You da man" This was right after the cards were flipped. By his body language it seemed like he was saying we are splitting the money. Thank you for letting me take credit for winning, even though the money has been pre determined."You da man" thank you for moving in when you know you were probably beat but it looks ok for the cameras!
  3. "I know Steve said he everything was extra credit"This was poorly written, sorry.Steve said earlier in the braodcast that he didnt care what happened. He was just happy to make it past day one. The man said he doesnt consider himslef a good player at all. Im sure he was perfectly fine just letting hachem win the thing as long as he got more money then second place was supposed to pay. Hachem did not EXPLODE like others did when they won. It seemed like both hachem and Steve finished the thing off for the cameras, but the money had already been decided.
  4. Had to be a dael. Dannamen and Hachem were winking at eachother saying, "your the man" to eachother. Gaurenteed they chopped it and just played it out for the camera. I know Steve said he everything was extra credit, but I mean come on. From my point of view he didnt care at ALL when it was heads up. He kenw he was getting his half no matter who won.Does anyone else agree with me?
  5. jig jig? What does that mean?
  6. I am really not sure? I have never transfered. I would just go to a room and lost it to you if I lost.Anyone who was in would just have to trust. Thats why I want to keep it low stakes.
  7. Yes points. Low $10 or less. Friendly.
  8. It actually starts at 345am CST. Someone else has to be playing?
  9. I am bored. I am playing in the party poker 2500 gaurentee free roll. The tourney starts at 4:00am cst. Is anyone else playing? Maybe we can get a little last longer bet going to make the thing more interesting? Let me know if anyone is interested.
  10. He said he is going to start playing on the internet again. Anyone know what site? Or what his name is? I think its gotta be either full tilt or ub 50-100 NL
  11. Its not his normal name. His name is DoubleSuited. He played this tourney under another name....
  12. By the way I was kidding about the DN thing. It could be true though.
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