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  1. I normally play 6-man sit n gos $5 - $20, When it gets down to bubble play(3 players left) how do you guys think you should play when you have a huge chip lead (more chips then the other 2 players)
  2. Whats the big deal, same thing happens to me everyday. Let me guess you play on pokerstars, the fewer outs they have the better they hit. You want some advice start playing donkey hands, you'll win more often, because that is what pokerstars is geared for, action.
  3. well your opp are playing shit like J5 and winning. I know they say if you make the right play over the long run you will win, but I have never seen it. I had a run were I was a 80 20 fav or better and didn't win once, and I have never won a hand when I flop 2 pair I alway lose if it goes to the river. People dont want to believe it but poker like all other gambling is luck, and yes some people are just luckier then others.
  4. don't spend to much time or you will run out of video to watch, I can't believe people are paying that much. Is there anyone out there who was losing money online, and signed up and is now winning. Because I don't think it is possible to win online, especially at pokerstars. The only reason people the top guys make money is because they keep playing each other.
  5. I guess I should assume that cardrunners is better, because no one wants to answer this ques.
  6. I don't care who you are, when you are playing on pokerstars the bad beats will eat you alive. If you lose are you going to tell us or are you just going to put money in your account and start where you left off. Just remember the bigger the poker names on the site the donkier the site, because pokerstars sucks ass. I just went back and the first 3 hands I played I got sucked out twice, both on the river and one of those was runner runner, my KK vs donkeys K9 and he hit the pokerstars special 4card str8. they love the 4 card str8's and flush. I'll start cheering for you again when you get
  7. Does Horse ever suck. Was doing ok playing Razz thought I had Hoodii and all the chips went to him and I look up we are playing stud. they got to give more of a warning when they are switching games. Its probably not bad live but online you look away at the wrong time and you are done. Is there any league you guys are in that is only NLH?
  8. kishmy


    What range of hands would you use for a guy who has a VP$IP% of 9-15? 20-25? 30+?
  9. With poker tracker is there away to use it when I am actually playing? were it will give hand ranges for the players at the table while we are playing? Or if pokertracker can't, is there another program that does?
  10. I don't know if this is the right ques. for this site, but I wondering how the 2 sites compare?
  11. Tell me if this is normal, because I always run like this and it makes me thing you can not win money online. This all happen in one dayAhTh KhTd All in preflop time 18:524dKdTc 5s 8cKsKh 7cAc All in preflop time 18:32TcAh2s 8d 8sAA QQs All in preflop time 18:215s2s3s3d7s ****in 4 card flush (never see that online...yeah right)AdKc JsTs all in preflop time 15:557hTcThJcQd8h8c As7s all in preflop time 19:43 Jc7c9s 2h 7dAcKc 8hTs all in preflop time 16:29Qs6c5c 6s 7h78 AA flop 786 all in after flop turn 6 time 22:127s5d 5h2c 854 A 288 54 all in preflop TJ6 2 3 And I wo
  12. I play alot of SnG and MTT. I always seem to get into trouble trying to build a stack, when I get the chips I do pretty good, but it just doesn't happen enough to be profitable. Does anyone have any advice for building a chip stack from early on in the tourny
  13. Ac9c Js2s 7c5c 4d4s flop Qc 4c Jc 3 of us go all in turn Qs 7hKJ 33 flop J 6 J all in turn 5 river 3JJ AT flop 2 2 T all in turn T river 26c4c Ac9d 7dQd flop 7h 5c 3s turn Qs all in river QcJJ K8 flop 2 T 8 all in turn Q river 8AK 77 flop 7 8 4 turn A river A this one is more bad luck, than a bad beatQJ Q3 all in pre flop 5 8 J after the flop I was a 98 - 2 fav according to pokerstove, turn 3, river 3Also if I flop 2 pair and the hand gets player down to the end I have never one the hand and I keep track I am not just guessing.If you flop 2 pair what do you guys think the odds are th
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