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  1. Of course he is white. White folks have been saying this for years. I am sorry, but if you are not a person of color you truly do not understand racial discrimination. I am not crying about it and I don't use it as an excuse or crutch. I understand that I have to work harder and be better than my peers in order to get the same promotions and salary and I just DO IT! That's the way it is and hey, I do what I need to do. That does NOT mean that I have closed my eyes to ****. And quite frankly if I am offended by Daniels black face then that is my right. Do I automatically label him a rac
  2. Black face is NOT FUNNY!!! So you know the history of black face??? If you are indeed Black, you should have more respect for your heritage or at least respect the OP's right to be offended. I too found it very offensive. And for the record I'M BLACK TOO!
  3. Black face is never funny. I didn't watch the whole thing because I found it offensive. Maybe Daniel (who is one of my favorite poker players) doesn't understand the history of black face and how degrading it really is. I don't think he is a racist (just because of this), but I do think making this type of video and putting it on the internet is not really smart.Just one Black woman's perspective.
  4. I totally agree. The Wire is by far the best show on TV. I never miss it and don't think about calling me when it is on because I will not answer the phone. The first season has always been my favorite, but this season is giving it a run for it's money. Excellent season -- the look at the "young uns and hoppers" is facinating.
  5. Well they sure didn't seem like friends to me! And I was so glad when Gus knocked his as out! Mike wasn't saying **** during the heads up play when Gus was kicking his *** either.
  6. Newsflash: African Americans really don't care how white people feel about the term African American. And why do you care what we call ourselves anyway?
  7. You are absolutely right. But do we have to glorify segregation on TV? Is this so exceptable in our society that we can make it front and center on a reality game show and no one think a thing about it. Sad. . .
  8. I think it is horrible. Unfortunately, it will probably get the highest ratings ever. If anyone doesn't believe that racism is alive and kicking, I predict this show will set that straight. Racist comments and feelings are sure to come out. I wish folks would not watch it as long as they are in racially divided teams, but I know that won't happen.As a minority, the fact that this is acceptable TV really saddens me.
  9. Denzel is too old to play Ivey! How is he going to play the young phenom when he is close to 50 years old? Now you're talking, this makes sense!
  10. You know, you're right about that. I think Phil is doing a terrible job. He just looks goofy and robotic all the time. But, if he was just being Phil -- the berating a**hole that we have all come to love to hate -- at least it would be intertaining. I'd like to see him tell one of them as they enter the loser's lounge that they "can't even spell poker!" Of course after that first season, they'd have a hell of a time getting celebs to be on the show.
  11. I agree the second episode was much better especially after The Mouth went to the restroom and never came back. What was up with that? I have been very impressed with Daniel Alaei's play during both seasons. Now, if they could just bust Mikey out we would have a good show. He just irks the hell out of me. I sometimes feel embaressed for him -- his need for attention is go great.Of course, I am patiently waiting for Gus Hansen to sit down. I've always wondered if his style is different in cash games. I figure it has to be.
  12. I couldn't agree more. Last season was about playing poker. That's what I liked about it -- yeah you got to see their personalities a bit, but mostly you got to see them play poker.If last nights episode was an example of season 2 then it is going to be about playing to the camera. I just wanted Mike to shut the **** up! I little bit of him goes a long way -- and it isn't entertaining. If I want to see an idiot clown, I'll watch the circus. I wanted to see some good poker thats why I tuned into HSP. Sammy did not seem to be having a good time -- did you notice. Yeah, bring back Ted, Do
  13. This is the silliest post I've ever read. If you are really worrying about Daniel betting on golf, you need to get a life -- fast.
  14. Yeah, Phil H. was really bad. He doesn't seem to have personality. He was really akward and that stupid grin he kept plastered on his face made him look like a psychopath.I remember when Phil Gordon first started, he was alittle akward, but nothing like this. I think they made a mistake hiring Hellmuth.On the other hand - now I know what he looks like without the glasses and hat. Yeah, he should definitely keep them on at all times.
  15. I think that tournaments can be boring at times -- just a fact. Even Phil Ivey says that he finds tournaments extremely boring, mostly in the early rounds. I don't think it means that Daniel is losing his focus.
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