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  1. Maybe I'm being ignorant here, but aren't you more likely to be drawn out on if the pot stays small, since more people can stay in with marginal hands?
  2. i noticed the e-check thing on FT today too and emailed support. i feel like i missed something...
  3. have to say it - wtf is with the call pf?ok. thats done. you can only win the hand by shoving here but i really don't see this pot being worth it. i am also not a fan of complete bluffs. i'm not willing to go broke and destroy my table image for a mid-sized pot.
  4. this is the best idea imo. reevaluating after a 30 or so tourneys is key here i think.
  5. bluffing at this level is really hard to pull off as people call you with ANYTHING. i might call in your example with ace high as a lot of players are stupid enough to bet small with a missed draw. i'd scale back the bluffing and wait for good spots to make some money.
  6. http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/32/begin...rnments-490382/spam alert?
  7. i even get bored with my online playing. i don't see how watching another guy clicking away for 30 min then getting smashed at the local bar will be all that interesting.
  8. i'd have to call here. its +ev and it'd haunt me for the rest of the tournament. especially when i'm forced to go all in later with J4os with only 9bbs left
  9. this is kind of tame...but steakhouse and cigars?and definitely hook up some private dances
  10. apparently i am as well...
  11. fear and panic fuels this country and i'm sick of it. anyone want to come over for a pig roast this weekend?
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