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  1. Well you're still thinking so at least 80 more to go
  2. When did i go from Dutch to English ? As far as i know i'm still dutch..
  3. Quite obvious u don't look any further than ur bloody nose, trying to be right all the timejust for the sake of being right.. pathetic if u ask me.Oh.. calling me a troll again, it.. it.. just hurts sooo muchhh, doesn't get old at all!
  4. http://jmm.aaa.net.au/articles/14229.htmJust have a look around , there were plenthy of theories and interpretations that Jesus would return in the year 2000.
  5. Sigh, i simply don't have the time at the moment to give a decent response. Did get a book from the library about Darwin, so i'll probably start reading that tomorrow andI think i'll have the time tomorrow for a reply. Anyway you were right i did get it from that website (via google) and i honestly thought it was a quote from Darwin, you were right that it in fact is an interpretation of his theory. Not a wrong one i think, but i did showboat it off as Darwin's own quote so i was wrongin that. I didn't mean to "troll" (didn't even know what that was till short), and i just wanted to have an in
  6. "How long until Walrus evolves into somebody who knows how to use the quote button?"Might take a while.
  7. "The whole point is that traits which confer an advantage are more likely to proliferate, and so you get a process in which organisms become more and more suited to their environments over time. While variation in the genome is an essential ingredient for the process, and some of that variation comes by means of genetic mutation, it is entirely missing the point to refer to the process itself as "accidental"."So evolution is created trough adaption to the enviroment according to you ? But where does this adaption to enviroment come from ? Mainly by genetic mutation am i wrong , the genes adapt
  8. Just started in Plato , Socrates life and death. I can probably tell you more about it as i read along , at the moment they're discussing Eros , god of love , and it always amazes me how intelligent alot of these Athens were , especially for their time , not just Plato and Socrates but most of the people joining in these philosophical discussions ( symposia ) like Agathon and Faidros. Anyway so far it has kept me reading .
  9. Badly affect her acting career ? Are you kidding me , this woman finally get's some quality A media attention .. which is really hard with a chin like that ! Wouldn't be surprised if she got her own late night MTV reality soap , where shegets locked up in a big house somewhere in the pacific and with only a pack of matches and a computerwith no internet access ( which she finds out in season 3 ) she has to lure in 13 13 year old boys , in order to cash 1000.000 $ .. hell i'd watch it .
  10. Pretty much all mutation is part of evolution am i wrong ? There is something called Somatic Mutation, this occurs in non-reproductive cells and won’t be passed onto offspring , so i guess that's an exception.The only mutations that matter to large-scale evolution are those that can be passed on to offspring. These occur in reproductive cells like eggs and sperm and are called germ line mutations.As i mentioned before i'm not an expert when it comes to bio-science and evolution , and someone will without any doubt try to slap me in the face again with their wikipedia wisdom. I guess Mutation i
  11. Yea cause bottle feeding and changing someone's diaper is related to the fact that he's trying to convince me by saying "hey go look it up on wikipedia , i'm right u know but wikipedia or google can tell u all about it" .. that's just simply lazy , and therefore i asked him to explain it in his own words.Instead i still got a quoted response from wikipedia , which shows me how much you guys really know yourselves , and how much wikipedia appearantly feeds you. "Also I think you're confusing evolution as being a process of "chance." In some respects it is "random," and in other respects it's th
  12. "Dang..... you speel real nice.Good thang you aint tryin to fit in cuz we'z a tight bunch and don't take to no city slickers with them big words you got."Lol'd
  13. Why don't you tell me more then , instead of letting me google it.If you're convinced there are fallacies in my statement , tell me what they are so i can respond.I'm not going on some journey to disprove myself.
  14. Hrm i kinda had 8 beers before i watched yes man , so i didnt go and analyse it as "profound" as you did. Can't a man just share his view without it being "a review for the masses" as you call it ? I usually save my profound thoughts for stuff that really matters , so if u want a discussion, go to the religionforum and start anything. This just looked like you have aloooot of time on your hands , sorry but i didnt even bother reading it all , first 4 sentences were enough for me.
  15. Saw Yes Man with Jim Carrey , real jim carrey style movie , love jim carrey so loved that movie On a scale from 1 to 10 i'd say 8,5. Also saw australia and i could think of a million better ways to spend my time than wasting almost 3 hours of my life on a couple of aboriginals and nicole kidman moving cattle around. On a scale from 1 to 1000 i probably give that one a 2.
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