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  1. Pretty good suggestions actually. To be fair, I've had accounts on a couple other forums, and this is still one of the stronger. Check out ITH or Bluff and you'll see what a wasteland really is. Not to say that this can't be better.
  2. I heard about that. Are those as bad as they sound?Maybe Villefranche-sur-Mer is a better idea. Thanks for that.
  3. I would definitely love to go back. I think without poker I would think about going to Nice instead, which is right down the coast, apparently. Everyone I talked to said that if you weren't interested in the casinos, Nice is just as cool and half as expensive. Unfortunately, not sure when I'll get the chance again anytime soon.
  4. Is there an inherent advantage at the table to people thinking that you aren't afraid to drop $50k on the hair color of the next person that walks into the room? How do you react to a bet by someone who just doesn't seem to care about the value of his chips?
  5. Is there any reason you don't bet the turn when it comes up dry. After the c/c on the flop, it seems like there's an opportunity to press him a little. Just a thought.
  6. So I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now, but only am now getting around to it because of how busy the summer and fall were. So, since it would be totally ridiculous to post this in 2010, when the trip happened in spring 2009, I thought I would post this as an end of the year trip report, and hopefully also get more involved here in general. (Note:I wrote part of this up with the intent to post after I returned and never got around to it, meanwhile I've tried to recall some of the other parts, so I have some specifics and some general commentary.)It’s a long post, so thanks for
  7. I like how the doctor just sits there and tells everyone that he essentially doesn't know what's going to happen with the treatment...and that it's mostly in her head.
  8. I agree with the rationale for raising pre. It feels like you are straddling a line with your play here, which may be a result of playing on the bubble. You want to play your good hands, but are then backing off when pushed. Go tight/aggressive here and you're less likely to get pushed off pots you should be winning. Either you fold preflop, which may be hard to do with JJ (although I find that people often overplay JJ), or you raise and force people into a hard decision. If you get re-raised, you aren't at the point of being pot-committed and can fold the hand and still work your way into th
  9. Good point here. When you say loose, does this mean that if you increased your bet-sizing that you would still get the same number of callers? Can you thin the callers with more aggressive preflop betting? Otherwise, even if you do only play decent hands, you still have the issue of people drawing out on you a bit too often.No matter what the case, at these kinds of tables, I think you just play the good hands you have and bet for value, knowing that variance will favor you above those who are less selective and overplay their hands.
  10. I find that re-reading The Poke Mindset every 6 months usually keeps me focused on making good plays. But I like the Post-it idea.
  11. I don't see him calling your bet on the turn with anything other than an A unless he spiked a set on the flop and he's trying to be tricky. Either way I think I'm calling here. I just don't see what he'd have that would beat you the way it was played out.
  12. http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...howtopic=136602
  13. Has anyone used the Click2play option? I was thinking about setting up an account through them, but I was having some problems. Namely they keep saying that my IP address is outside of the US, UK and EU. I live in Jersey...
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