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  1. I was at fallsview this past weekend looking forward to playing some satellites for the tournaments... and I must say they are running the satty's like crap. They only have 1 table open for satellites and take forever to start for some reason ? I put my name on for step 1 and step A (whichever they decided to run after the step 2) and played 5/5 for over 4 hours and still my name was not called. Really dissapointed in the way they are running them, IMO they need at least 2 tables for them during high volume time. but the good news was my time wasnt wasted, ended up about $1200 in just a little
  2. any estimated number of players for each event? thinking of playing the 1k, and see if I can get backed for the bigger ones... itching for some live tournies
  3. the only time u fold aces preflop is say if there are already like 5 people all in (never happens lol), then its okay... even then I will feel like a nit but its the right thing to do I guess (?)
  4. Any info you will get please do share!!!Thanks
  5. Thats exactly what I was trying to say, in your scenario it makes more sense and easier to fold because you only put in 1/6th ur stack AND he re shoved so its ok to fold here, but in my case a re raise would put in 50% of my stack and i feel thats commiting too much if im not going to go through with the hand, which is why i left myself with 2 options, re shove and pick up the $250 out there and hopefully he doesnt have AA, or fold.
  6. Im new to cash games and the feel of having real money in front of me so i dunno if this is okay to do in cash games, but to me, a re raise enough to put ~50% of my stack out there, then fold to a shove regardless if he has AA or not, it just seems like a waste of $ just to see 'where im at'... The gambler in me would rather put it all in and have at least a chance to win rather than put half my stack out there and fold to a re shove... I think any re raise by me gets me committed.Thats why I decided to fold that hand, hes not calling off with worse than my KK as he seemed to be a tight player
  7. ok time for some answers!!! thanks for all the input :)I ended up folding my KK (my face was like a deer getting struck by a car, I couldnt believe I had the ability to fold KK preflop in a cash game), and one player behind decided to go all in as he only had $120 more and wanted to gamble with his 88, then the other folded.The re raiser showed AA (I was so relieved)... But here comes the kick in the nuts board for meFlop 2 10 Q... Turn K (NOOOOOOOOO)River 4I somewhat regret not pushing LOL, but at the same time i made the right decision and move on.
  8. Before I get into the hand, im gonna admit that I am a cash game newbie (as in I feel much more comfortable in tournies as thats what I mainly play) with probably less than 60 hrs total experience live cash, and likewise online.The table was 10 handed, and was very passive with alot of limping, then calling raises, basically playing their cards very straightforward. Now onto the hand:I was in middle positon with KK, and the action was:UTG limplimpfoldI make a raise to $45 ($700 stack)callcallfoldfoldSB Re Raises to $155 ($110 more) ($1100 stack)BB FoldThen both limpers in front fold and its up
  9. cash games (esp short handed) = cardrunners
  10. Its funny you posted this at this time, because just 2 days ago I was playing the $200 turbo on full tilt and you were moved to my table, I recognized the name from a forum but didnt know where until i checked... anyways we were getting close to getting in the money or so, and just from observation on the hand you were eliminated on (if i recall correctly from a mental note), for what its worth, I think you pushed kind of light from early position, just imo, but wat do i know, im a MTT donk... Fwiw, didnt think you were a nit at all.. anyways that was really random just thought i would share
  11. what stakes were you playing this tourney in?
  12. sorry for bumping up an old thread, but full tilt just emailed me and they have decided to give me rakeback as well to my existing account.. (I just looked back at my rake paid and I feel sick as to how much I would have gotten back so far if I had signed up with rakeback from the getgo)... But hey, better now then never... So anyone else get this invitation? It seems like they pick people in spurts?
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