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  1. Looks like we're down again...Authentication system not available.Mensch
  2. I had no trouble. I used the same Neteller account, same email, same everything. Not even a hiccup from PokerShare.Mensch
  3. Had no problems here. Same name/address, same email, just a different username. currently working off the $250 bonus.
  4. You may have heard it here. Yes, you have to ask for the feature, and I don't know if there's any criteria or if they give it to anyone who asks, but they let me do it.Mensch
  5. Two Words:1. Spirit2. RockHonorable mention goes to "Rappin' Rodney" featuring Rodney Dangerfield.Mensch
  6. This is the second guy, the one that called the original raise. $1.50 in the pot before the cards are dealt. You limp, 3 other limpers, a raise to $4. Pot is $9.50, dude has a pocket pair and needs to put in $4 to play. That's 2.375-1. Legitimate call. Fold to you, you raise your 1 to 15, if I understand correctly. call behind you. now villian sees a pot of $41.50 and needs to put in $10. That's 4.15 to 1, about right if he's behind a larger pocket pair, which he has to assume that he is.If you actually raised their 4 to 18, then the pot comes to him at $48.50 and he owes 14, making it a
  7. There you go. In my admittedly limited experience, memorable, important NL Hands usually come down to somebody making a mistake and someone else taking advantage of it. So you get a lot of bad beats, horribly misplayed Aces, and so forth. Mensch
  8. Am currently in the process of clearing my $250 Bonus dollars. This is going to take a while at $25 NL. SFSG.Mensch
  9. Beautiful. Spot on.I read 'Harrington on Hold 'em' and it absolutely ruined my tournament game, but only for a little while. Once I got my bearings back, I've become a better tournament player.Mensch
  10. start taking your avatar's advice.Slam! Slam! Slam! Slam! Slam! Slam! Slam! Slam!you will stop hemorrhaging money shortly after you lose consciousness.Until then...Did you say 5/10 at Stars?What was that screenname again?Mensch
  11. I don't know of any special codes, just the 50% first deposit bonus if referred to the site.If you join w/out a referral, I think it's only 20%, so you benefit there, at least.And so does your referrerr er - errer. / The person who referred you.The size of the tourneys varies greatly with time of day and buy-in level. glance at the guaranteed prize pool amounts, do the division, then add 10-20%. A $10 + 1 MTT with a $2500 guarantee willtypically draw around 300 players. The Sunday night 10pm $200 + 15 / $125K guaranteed draws around 650, on average.And there's enough below average players
  12. I have found UltimateBet to be the best all-around site, starting with the interface. Simple, straightforward, fast, and reliable. No silly cartoon avatars. And a mini-view option if you have trouble squeezing 3 or 4 tables onto your postage stamp of a monitor.The players are better than average, with a sprinkling of rocks and fish. If you want folks calling your preflop 4xbb raise with 5-3 off and turning a 6 high straight to beat your Kings, you won't find it here, except at the micromicrolimits.Holdem, Omaha, O-8, 7stud, 7stud8, Triple Draw lowball, and pineapple. Stakes from $.01 - $.02 t
  13. Because statistics are weird. Remember, these are results from actual people playing actual hands. We expect these hands ( all hands, I suppose) to get better as our position improves, but notice that As, Ts, 9s, 7s, 6s, and 2s are also less valuable in 5th position than in 4th. Notice also that in most positions the stats show A6 as slightly better than A2 - A5. I think most Players would disagree with that particular stat just for the wheel possibility.So these stats reflect specifically the way that Pokerroom players play, averaged over all limits. For a good brain squeeze, pop up a di
  14. Hey! I'm the UberMenSch!My first impression of X22 was that he was my dad's friend from college, the one that went on to design engines for Pratt & Whitney. The resemblance is eerie.That guy scared the censored out of me when I was little.Mensch
  15. There's a thought. UB mini-view. I need to add that feature to my 'pimpin for UB' script. "You can fit four tables on a screen the size of a postage stamp with UB's mini-view"Mensch
  16. I sometimes dream that I'm beating the everloving crap out of one of my kids.I invariably wake up crying.Mensch
  17. Shaking hands with the unemployedMenschEDIT : found this at sexuality.orgMasturbation- mas-tur-ba-tion n. -- Excitation of one's own or another's genital organs, usually to orgasm, by manual contact or means other than sexual intercourse. —mas-tur-ba-tion-al or mas-tur-ba-to-ry - adj. —mas-tur-ba-tor n.: onanism; to jack off; Anna palm; auto-eroticism; backstroke; baming your wang with the rest of the gang; bean wiggling (female); beat the meat; beat off; beating off; beat your meat; bleed the lizard; bonking your bologna; bop the bologna; bopping your bishop; buffing the purple helmet; burp t
  18. It's all going to depend on your screen resolution - most poker clients run at 800 x 600. If you can operate at 1600 x 1200 you can fit 4 with no overlap. My native resolution is 1400 x 1050, so I get some overlap, but it's manageable. If I had known 3 years ago that I would be doing this, I'd have sprung for the extra c-note and gotten the 15" sxvga tft 170 degree screen.Mensch
  19. Billy Joel and Elton John right here in Death Valley. April 8, 1996Mensch
  20. Who remembers what the very first video ever aired on MTV was?Mensch
  21. I would say 'my pleasure' , but there's precious little of that in the situation. The only way I can avoid it is to as much as possible disconnect myself from the situation. To wit: if I'm nearing the bubble in good shape in a MTT I like to open a cash table or two just to give myself something to think about. You follow? But if I get a little shortstack, M dropping to about 10 or so, I'll close my other tables in order to concentrate on the tourney. Why? So I can make a move or two and get back into the High- yellow or Green Zone. I am invariably done with the tourney within a couple
  22. Same here. Those 25 and 50 cent tables were really intimidating.Or did you mean dollars? I also sat in a $10 SnG once by accident. that was 1/4 of my roll at the time. Busted out 1st hand, determined to triple up with a set of Queens and ran into a K high straight. I cried. It took a week to earn my $10 back at the $.01 - $.02 NLHE tables.Mensch
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