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  1. Three percent of the final grade really isn't that much, and I really don't want to do this assignment.Mensch
  2. That was beautiful. Zing. Thank you.Mensch
  3. <yawns>a question was asked, an answer was given. Nobody asked about the morality or legal ramifications. In the words of dozens, if not hundreds of you, "If you have nothing constructive to say, get the censored out of this thread"<hoists several lackwits on their own petards>Next time I'll have to remember to only be helpful via PM.Mensch
  4. pacific is advertised as 888.infofuring the Aruba WPT events, the sponsor shows a little bar on the screen that says: play online now at ultimatebet.netGreg and Chris pimp PartyPoker.netand so on.Mensch
  5. I haven't found a working crack or keygen for an up-to-date version, but there is a .torrent out there of version 2.05.02 with a working keygen.Mensch
  6. I rescind 90% of my earlier comments. This is all I'll hang on to. YSALGKYMensch
  7. The question, as detailed in Life, the Universe, and Everything, is "What do you get if you multiply six by nine?"This, of course, requires that one work in base 13, which is the origin of 13 as an unlucky number. Theoretically, working in base 13 would have resulted in the completion of the program that the earth was designed to run, after which the earth would presumably be switched off. Incidentally, the entire univese would also instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.Mensch
  8. Done been did, m'broneeeon.Mnechs
  9. You know, a month ago people were hating on me for not giving a crap about people less fortunate than me who were in a bad situation.Now, someone less fortunate than most of you is in a bad situation. No, it's not a natural disaster, he put himself where he is now by not heeding the advice of those who knew better (actually, that does sound like a recent natural disaster) but to say "You didn't lose anything, it was only $700" is assholerie of the highest order. Seven hundred bucks is two weeks take-home for me. It's about 1.5 times my current bankroll. If I pissed it away in one night, I
  10. I give it a pi-squared. I would have preferred :spades9: :spades10: :spadesq: . Leaves the possibility that A x is out there somewhere.Mensch
  11. Herr Mensch

    Cars :D

    The car I drive is a 2001 Daewoo Lanos. 35 mpg.The car I don't drive, except on special occasions, is a 1987 Buick Grand National. Beautiful peice of machinery and faster than a Nevada hooker.Mensch
  12. Care to explain just how you found that out, pal?Mensch
  13. So I have just completed a ... dalliance with Frau Mensch. She pulls on a robe, picks up her mug, and says "Hey, my coffee got cold." The tone, you might imagine, was mild surprise. She immediately clapped a hand to her mouth, realizing what she had said. "I didn't mean... I mean... No...You... I mean..." I have never felt so insignificant.Mensch
  14. Only a 10.5, but a 4E. Short and wide. Of course, I'm also 1.74m and 147kg, so there's a pattern there. Mensch
  15. You could make a hat, or a broach, or a pterodactyl....Johnny
  16. I use a chess piece - a white knight.Mensch
  17. Well, if nobody else is going to:It's what I do after breakfast and before my shower every morning.Mensch
  18. UB recently eliminated the top level of UltimatePoint/rake ratios. The maximum UPoints you can earn per hand are now 0.50. Best Case: in every hand you play the flop is seen and the pot reaches $10. You then need to play 20 hands to earn 10 Upoints and clear $1bonus.More realistically, at $10 NL you will earn about 5 Upointsper hour per table, at $25 about 8 points, at $50 about 12/hour/table, and about 18 at $100 NL. Beyond that, it levels off, as the average pot size is already above $10. UBs only advantage in this area is that you can clear bonus while playing at the $0.01 - $0.02 tab
  19. Hi.Yes, He does.Good Luck.
  20. Anheuser-BuschRalph LaurenArthur Andersen, LLCJohnson & JohnsonCitibankMajor League BaseballMorton Saltand others.Mensch/This might make an interesting Photoshop contest - Photoshop a Maxwell-House Browser-
  21. I am the last person to recommend against pirating software (even my PokerTracker is cracked), but the open-source program GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program) is the equivalent to Photoshop, and free, both free as in beer and free as in speech. Search. DL. enjoy. Mensch
  22. Play if you have at least two good starting Holdem hands. Three is great, two is okay. Play the three card runs, like you said. Be less likely to play 3 suited cards, unless they're connectors.You can afford to play more hands than in Holdem, as long as you're playing crazy Pineappple and not just pineapple. I hope the reason is obvious. If you're playing straight pineapple, you should tighten up, only play hands where you've got 3 legit Holdem hands. I don't know of a chart, but for crazy, try:1) Big pairs with a suited side card2) Middle pairs with a suited connecting side card3) Low p
  23. He does put on a show.Went to see him with Billy Joel here in Clemson, in the Valley, along with 52000 of my best friends, April 8, 1996. Most awesome 4 1/2 hours of music ever. The two of them started together, for a couple of songs, then Elton took the stage for a set. In the middle of his set Joel came back out and they did one of Billy's songs together, and then Joel left again. He came back out for his set after EJ was done, Elton popped back out when Joel did "Yellow brick Road", and Billy finished his set. The stadium was tired, and feeling peaceful as midnight came and went, but
  24. DITTODitto ditto.And we know about the remote control. It's what lets those of us with nonzero IQs avoid slop like Survivor. I had never before considered my mother's intelligence to be less than mine until she started discussing reality TV with me a few Thanksgivings ago.Mensch
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