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  1. That was fun. Heading over to thinkingpoker.net momentarily.
  2. Here, distilled to its essence, is the essential difference that I see between the free thinkers and the blindly religious. [opinion]If an intelligent alien civilization was found to be following a religious text or doctrine that translated exactly into one of our world's religious texts, the truly wise would accept that as evidence of outside influence on the development of our worlds and begin to follow the teachings of that religion. Especially, as an example, if the aliens have exactly ten commandments, even though they have three fingers on each if their four hands and normally count in
  3. I assume we're talking about NLH?Buying in for the max is usually the correct play, but if nobody else has lots of chips, there isn't any point. The reason to have 100x the big blind instead of 20x is to improve your implied odds on your draws, right? So you can win somebody's whole stack when you hit your straight or set or whatever. But if your opponents don't have large stacks themselves, you can't make profitable speculative plays with middle suited connectors and low pairs.
  4. Are you saying there's something wrong with mail order brides?
  5. An artsy friend of mine chided me after the "Goblet" movie when I whined yet again that the movies were crap compared to the books.He insisted that I quit judging the merits of either against the other. A film is not a book, a book is not a film. Each medium has strengths and weaknesses compared to the other, so it is necessary that stories, or the same story, be told in different ways. I should judge the books as books, and the films as films. "Just because the movie wasn't as good as the book doesn't make it a bad movie", he said.I asked him if he thought it was a good movie."No, it was
  6. I ran into this problem, too - making the money, or get really close, and then everything seems to go south. I remember one 2-day period when I finished 13th, 14th, and 16th in MTTs. That's a lot of hours for not a lot of profit.My best analysis was that I, and everyone else, had made it as far as we had largely by knocking out worse players. You mentioned playing $5 tourneys, and there are plenty of worse players to be found. But once down to the bubble, the ratio of lucky donks to good players has fallen dramatically. Nobody is calling off their whole stacks with second pair and a gutsh
  7. while playing strip poker, I'd beenenjoying a feminine friendwhen she showed her top pairI knew then and therethat my straight would be going all-in.Mensch
  8. Nothing wrong with a 4-day start, even if they only have 6000 entrants.Everyone's first day this year was like 15 and a half hours, right? I seem to remember Miami John in the Cardplayer.com final table commentary talking about the pain of sitting there for the duration and how he made a lousy play that he shouldn't have because of the condition he was in.The pros have been playing for 6 weeks by this time, and they're tired. The internet qualifiers just got into town and are far fresher. I think the pros will appreciate the shorter days that this structure will produce.Mensch
  9. This is stinkin' genius. As if Party was some highbrow club and they were trying to get away from the riffraff at the skins. Every once in a while it's nice to remember why I despise PR. I can bluff and lie with the best of 'em, buy shoveling bullshit like this is beyind me.Mensch
  10. You can export your entire database to .txt files. Zip 'em up and trade 'em around.Mensch
  11. Sounds like somebody doesn't bother to read the rules and regs before they play. Not smart. It's quite clear that only raked ring game table points count toward bonus clearing. Yep, go somewhere else. If that's the best you can do, you're definitely not good enough to play at UB.Mensch
  12. 142.I tested at 138 when I took the full Mensa exam about 20 years ago, good to know the alcohol is only killing off the slow, weak brain cells.Mensch
  13. You had credibility right up to there.The elitism of the wealthier people on this forum is repulsive. My bankroll, when I started, was fifty dollars. Hmmm.... can't afford a 2+2 book, much less PT.You know, there are one- and two- cent and nickle-and-dime tables for a reason.Snob.MenschEDIT: incidentally, once I can afford to drop fifty-five dollars and not miss it, I intend to purchase the most up-to-date version of PokerTracker. It's a wonderful tool, and the writers deserve support. But until then, I will use the cracked, outdated version that I found. If you can show, given that inf
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