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  1. Common error.Mouth lost a couple of decent pots to Raymer, but it was the fellow seated to Greg's left that put Matusow out. Sucked out on the river.Mensch
  2. This is the first time I can recall seeing the term 'noob' used in this forum.Make it the last. We have more class than this.Mensch
  3. When the 2004 Nathan's hot dog eating contest was televised (on ESPN, not surprisingly), one of the commentators actually referred to Takeru Kobayashi as "a tremendous athelete". My wife was already staring at the TV screen in something akin to horror, but this comment pushed her into paroxysms of laughter.Guess what she flashed back on when she saw the Pokerstars commercial.Mensch
  4. Because I had the stone cold nuts. I know you didn't, because you folded.That wasn't so hard, was it?Mensch
  5. I am down exactly $25.58 overall online.Mensch
  6. UB max rake for 2 players is $ 0.50 per hand. And only if there's a flop.If they play a thousand hands the rake is leass than a single big bet.Totally insignificant.Mensch
  7. THAT is the biggest chuckle of the day.Poker is not a test of hono(u)r. It is a game of deception, manipulation, and guile. Always has been, always will be. :roll: honor....Mensch
  8. I really can't do better in the evenings than in the afternoons, even though the competition is easier, because my house is busy and it's distracting.At night I'm too tired to play well.But if you are a night person, you're golden.Mensch
  9. Mark CubanOwner of the Dallas Mavs.What he doesn't know, he can learn, and learn very quickly. On a side note, Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel, cofounders of Amway, were respected poker players in their day around Grand Rapids.
  10. Gotta agree with Awful. He dropped the Hammer on you.Mensch
  11. I know this isn't heplful, but ... I don't think anyone knows. I asked this question days ago, ("Getting Loose", in this same subforum.) No replies. Someone else asked in General Poker the next day. That spawned a few vague and characteristically sarcastic replies. One answer was something like 'don't play o/8 shorthanded, it's pointless'. How very illuminating, yes?May you have better fortune than those who went before you.
  12. Possible - you're playing pot limit, so I assume you're playing at a table with a maximum buy-in. You sit down for the max, and triple it.New guy sits down, looks at you, sees your huge stack, and immediately thinks twice whenever he's about to give you action. I know I do. I never assume that somebody sitting with fifty bucks at a $10 max table got there because of luck. I know it's a twist to quit when you're ahead, but when you're way ahead, it's probably the best idea. When your stack is twice the size of anyone else's at the table, your moves just won't be as profitable as they coul
  13. I think I have a pretty good feel for PLO8 starting hands, I can win consistently at the microlimit tables on UB, anyway.Until the game gets shorthanded, that is. Which happens a lot on UB. I know I should loosen up when the table is half empty, I want to loosen up, but I don't know how.We all know (presumably) what the best starting hands are in O/8. Question: What are the above average starting hands that you should mix in when the game gets shorthanded? Do you play the Omaha Hi starting hands? can you play A4 suited with anything? Guidelines, please.Thanks in advance.Mensch
  14. Hellmuth is one of the best players around when he's facing the best players around. When he's up against mediocre competition, like folks who go all in on 8 high flush draws, he's lost. It completely flummoxes the poor guy that anyone could play that badly on purpose.
  15. Well, I was "staying in" with the queens because I was nervous and scared. I wasn't where I wanted to be,scared money i guess you could call it, and with 3 or 4 other people in it was all too easy to imagine someone with two pair. The 4 card straight was 9-T-J and the Q that hit on the river. The Q that gave me the set blinded me to the straight. All I saw was a bunch of undercards, and I wasn't worried about 2 pair anymore. That's when I went all-in.Yeah, I played it poorly. That's what happens when the old testicles are crawling around behind the navel.
  16. Ever gone on tilt before the first hand was dealt?I'm a microlimit guy. I just don't have any money. My poker bankroll is less than fifty bucks. I'm 33 years old, married 11 years, 4 kids, full time college student with a full time job. I was wanting to play a $1 + $ .10 SnG on UB. So I log on, switch to SnG, and scroll down to the bottom of the "waiting" area where the $1 SnGs live. I fail to notice that there are no $1 SnGs available at the moment, nor any $5 SnGs. I click on the last tournament on the list and I'm seated at a $10 SnG. Not a big deal for most of you I'm sure, but thi
  17. My cheating experience started at blackjack, not poker.My roommate in college was banking a blackjack game for a half-dozen of us. A couple of a-holes had gotten into their cups and were cheating, being really obvious about it, swapping cards, etc. I was at third base, practicing conting cards. My roommate got the idea to clean these two dummies out. We warned the other guy at the table and he took a walk. My roommate started peeking at the top card when it got around to me and indicating whether he wanted me to take the card, depending on whether it would help him.It was slow, but the m
  18. "and Go" is the proper pronunciation of nG, not Ng. :roll: It's case-sensitive.And While we're on the subject, is Daniel's name neh-GRAHN-oo or neh-GRAHN-you and why do people persist in saying ne-GRAHN-oh ?
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