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  1. I said all-in. I am thinking if you are Under the gun here and you will have to at least pay $300 for next two hands, you will only have $800 left unless you think you have a good hand in SB or BB and make something of it. 5 players left, Ax is a rather okay hand, not the best, you could be far worse off as well. More than likely will get everyone ut except the short-stack that has 650. I doubt the BB with 2200 will risk 1/2 of his stack unless he has a good hand in the hole. We are still lacking information on how the other have played in the past at this table. is the BB with 2200 tight
  2. I may have to check out pokermountain I play on Stars now and doing decently, May do a small cashout there soon and move the funds to Pokermountain..However I would love to see a freeroll there for non-points to give it a try instead of playing at the play tables.. (I am not a rich guy and saving the $$ to take my mom for her first trip off the east coast to Vegas for her 64th birthday in June. - I am scraping money for that plus tuckign some to sit at a $1/2 game or so down there or a tourny at the Luxor or somewhere.. Dontations accepted TYhough I love playing against professionals. High
  3. I have seem many callng stations in even the low NL games that I swear MCI needs to sponsor them. I have taken advtange of this, have been bitten by a few lucky draws.. but 80% of the time, I win from them. (ie: Straigth draw and flush draw on board.. and he calls everyoen down with just an A high hoping to hit, not even having the suit on the board for the draw..amazing. but fills my pockets.
  4. I agree he wasn't "famous" for the movie about his book, that jsut gave him more exposure for those that don't read books that arn't shoved down your throats by mass america or what Oprah tells you to read.He will be missed, at least by me. One heckuva funny guy... helped shape my sense of humor, which you will see over time here!
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