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  1. I'm gonna check it out, I want to try and get in that tourney. I'll let you guys know how it looks.
  2. gotta give a little bump b/c there are so many posts going up
  3. Does anyone know of any sites offereing satellites for the Legends event at the Bike at the end of August???
  4. Hand #5415028-41486 at Fortenza (No Limit Hold'em)Powered by UltimateBetStarted at 30/May/05 03:19:26 mandmzo is at seat 0 with $2148. Triceagain is at seat 1 with $13141.50. Bungalow8 is at seat 2 with $5150. TheGiftOfGab is at seat 4 with $10148. Mahatma is at seat 9 with $10150. The button is at seat 2. TheGiftOfGab posts the small blind of $50. Mahatma posts the big blind of $100. mandmzo: -- -- Triceagain: -- -- Bungalow8: -- -- TheGiftOfGab: -- -- Mahatma: -- --Pre-flop: mandmzo folds. Triceagain raises to $350.
  5. Saba,Yeah that was me with the tens, I loved that hand! Thanks for the compliments, I don't know if I'm great but I'm studying the game as much as I can to try and get better. Anyways, it was good playing with you as well, nice to talk intelligent poker with someone.I am heading back up north tonight, I'm not moving down here until August so I'll miss you on the home game, however, I would likely be interested in playing in the future. I am not sure how to PM so my email is greggabe@hotmail. Shoot me msg and I can get in touch when I move back down here. Plus you can keep me updated on th
  6. Thanks guys,I agree that this structure is retarded. It was the first time I saw anything like it and thought maybe I was the crazy one b/c plenty of people seemed to love it. I thought maybe Commerce or the Bike was different but unforunately no. I'm not sure what to do. I am moving down here and I love playing live cards, I like online as well, but the live players are generally looser and more readable. But this structure is crap, and all the LA strucutures seem to mimic it. SabaAba I think you must have been sitting on my left last night, b/c you kept saying how it was the tightest t
  7. I played at Hollywood Park last night and it was one of the stranger NL structures I've seen and I wanted to get peoples opinion if they think this can be a good game. $100 Max Buy in, but once you are down to $50 you can rebuy up to $150 (I guess this makes it a little better but I'm not too sure).Blinds $2-3I sat down in a brand new game and everyone had $100 stacks. Standard opening raise was in the $15-20 range. This was crazy I thought, a std opening raise of 20% of your stack? Then after the flop one bet and you're pot committed. So everyone was going all in quite often after the f
  8. does anyone know how long you have to clear your bonus?
  9. Great to see some phans on the site. My friends and I tried to get some tourneys going at Coventry but they ended up being 3-4 way matches just between us. Wish we would have run into a few of you guys there. I loved being at the last shows but I hate the damn huge festival shows too much chaos (especially getting in and out). After Cypress I said I'd never go to another big one, but had to catch Coventry. Anyways, if we could organize a Phish Phan Tourney I'm in. I'll even get good and baked b4 hand to give you guys a chance
  10. I agree with the last part of Akishore's post (and pretty much the rest of it as well). I think I subconsciously gamble a bit more when I am up a bunch. I have found that after I triple up if I keep playing I inevitably end up pushing a small edge too much and lose a buy in or something. But I think if the game is good and you are aware of this potential trap then you should stay at the table. It's just difficult to keep playing your A game when you are up a lot b/c you inherently want to push that triple up to a 5X-6X win.
  11. I found this free site that has a lot of info on rating players and how to interpret your statistics.www.betthepot.com[/url]
  12. Ok So I saw all you guys talking about poker tracker and I downloaded the trial version. It seems like some powerful software but I am not sure what to make of my stats. For example what is a strong pre flop raise percentage in 1/2 NL? What about aggression factor (same game)?? Is there some way to do comparisons with my stats to strong players?thanks
  13. I know this is a broad topic but it seems some people here have had some degree of success at the MTTs online. I've been playing cards for a long time and have had ok success in live tourney's but have had a lot of trouble cracking the top 10 online. In about 40 tries I've made the money about 12 times and only cracked top 10 1 time. I need to adjust my game. I am just hoping to get some advice from some of you who have been successful at cracking the real money.I play a pretty tight aggressive style for the most part. I play a lot of live NL and I don't think that my strategy in that cont
  14. I just want to give a shout to the guy with the "Suzy Greenberg" quote in his tagline!
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