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  1. um. rly?There are some pretty obvious differences here. An Amateur can't beat a great chess player - they can't even PLAY a great chess player. Amateurs can't get lucky at chess and win just enough to make them think they know what they're doing so they keep coming back for more.The feds didn't suddenly say "you can no longer play guitar in your bedroom, you can only play in a handful of licensed B&M guitar playing studios and you'll be expected to play much slower, perhaps 40 chords per hour".When the government works out how to cream its slice off the top, poker will be back.
  2. Class action suit.. So the lawyers would get all the players' funds?Stars doesn't want to buy out FTP and grab the rush poker patent?
  3. I heard Highway is out buying PCs that he'll rent out by the hour via remote desktop.
  4. The B&M casinos apparently have more.
  5. You may think so because your thinking is poker-centric. But poker is only one source of income for casinos - and realistically why would the casino save a few months of software development time at the expense of losing a chunk of the action that they've lobbied hard to monopolize?If NJ players are *very* lucky, Stars and Tilt will continue offering games to NJ players because the law doesn't explicitly stop them from doing so.
  6. APPTlive Sydney - Final Table Dec 11th 22:00 ET (Dec 12th, 14:00 local time)That was tough.
  7. Common sense? Have you seen the list of elected representatives? Do you seriously think any of them will ever give a shit about anyone that isn't paying them under the table to rig the market?If, tomorrow, California said "you can now only play against other Californians on www.FriendsOfArniePoker.com" would you choose that or a national option? Either way, the government - both state and national - is intent on excluding the existing big name poker sites from the short term future of online poker in the US so you'll be left with one of the other two options.
  8. Phil coolered himself. He could've easily folded, the LC is never bluffing in that spot and Phil loses to the hand he put the LC on, any set or Ace-10 and the more likely Ace-Jack.
  9. If you don't get this you'll get a turd like NJ's working on where it'll still be the casnios running the gig but you'll only be able to play against other people in your state.Both options are dogshit, just pick the smell you dislike least.
  10. You believe way too much of Phil's own press.He's started pretending to be one of the young guys, calling and raising with garbage. Except he apparently does it because he's hoping to flop trips or a straight. That's not a leak? It's just as bad as when he only played the top handful of hands.
  11. Are you watching the same show everyone else is watching?
  12. After a pre-flop raising war, Shawn Rusch and Marcel Vonk ended up all in. Vonk tabled pocket aces and Rusch tabled ace king.The board ran out {3-Diamonds}{2-Hearts}{k-Spades}{6-Spades}{10-Hearts} and Rusch is out of the tournament. Vonk is now up to 803,000 chips.Go Sparco!edit: probably 2nd although who knows since they can't keep the chip counts even close to current
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