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  1. did patrik make any final tables this year?
  2. i wouldn't mind a 3 way w/ patrik and maya....yum!
  3. i am a beginner so this video will help. thanks for the post!
  4. i want to be as good as annette some day. she gives women like me hope that we can compete with the boys at the table. u go girl!!!!!
  5. i hope patrik makes another final table soon! he's sooooo dreamy!!
  6. good job pmjackson! must be nice to win so much money!!!
  7. good luck to all people playing the majors! i hope to play them soon!
  8. so this is where chicago people post?
  9. id like to meet some hot fcp guys to give me poker lessons but i cant make it to this home game but maybe to the next one
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