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  1. First tournament on UB finished 4th and cashed $307 I think, it was somewhere around there. In cash game, one game around town I made $138 one night.
  2. No I'm not, he is saying he does not see a problem with it. I was saying why you cant reveal your cards before the hand is done.
  3. Becuase it can give someone an unfair advantage. If AAA is on the board and someone says that they folded an ace, the guy with pocket tens now knows how powerfull his hand is
  4. Yeah I didn't think about collusion, but afterwards I watched the table and saw the admin come in. Those two left the table within a minute of seeing that so I hope they are banned. I don't know maybe they were just idiots that didn't know that you can't say what you have during play, but how could you not know that?
  5. Ok the hand wasn't really important, but It was an omaha game on Party where I started out with top two pair, but by the river had a 9 high flush. Anyway I had been leading out the whole time so I kept on. Two other guys left in the pot guy after me raises, then the next guy re-raises. the first raiser says "I have a flush, but is it good enough". The next guy says "I have the ace". I fold and let them go at it. At the end the guy who said he had the ace did not have it , but the other guy did. I asked them very politely to not talk about their hand during play and they said they could
  6. Well the whole playing in a bar thing might be changing since it is kind of against the law, but we are trying to find a good place to play every week where we will either do like $20 tournaments or some sort of cash game. I found out that Southern Elegance has hold'em at a 5-10 limit so we are gonna go there this month. I wish that it was a 2-6 limit since a 5-10 will mean that I should take at leas $800 with me.
  7. Columbia, we have a low-stakes game every week at a bar I hang out at, and I just moved to a new house with this little clubhouse thing in the back so I should start having some bigger games soon.
  8. Almost all the sites I've played on have pretty poor 7-stud players, but it can backfire. I had aces up on party by 5th street and this one guy kept playing me and beat me with a flush that he got with the last 5 cards. I lost $35 on that one pot, I was so pissed.
  9. I live in South Carolina and wanted to try playing for a little higher stakes. Problem is all the games I've found around here with somewhat high stakes are crooked. I was thinking about going on one of the Casino boats in Myrtle Beach, anyone here ever been on one.
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