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  1. I am seriously going to start saying it like roy now.
  2. http://www.theonion.com/content/node/28779
  3. I agree, it's silly to discuss such matters. We had a pro and con discussion of the Age of Apocalypse series in the Iron Man thread, but one thing thing that that the AOA series showed was the awesomeness that was X-Man, he was Cable, but did not have to dedicate most of his power to keeping himself alive fighting off the Legacy Virus. Point being, Jean Grey and Cyclops produced the most powerfull mutant ever imaginable. That seed could have only come from genes as awesome as Jean's.
  4. I understand, but acting as an athiest is not really relavant to to this particular discussion, because the debate has nothing to do with whether or not God is real of Chistianity is the true faith. It is based on the assumption that Christianity is real, and since it does whether or not homosexuality is accepted under said belief.It would be the same as if we were debating on if Superman or Green Latern would win in a fight, and some dude comes up and says "Jean Grey could destroy both of them". Well why that may be true(in my opinion at least), it adds nothing to the current discussion and
  5. Then why are you posting about a movie which is attempting to prove that homosexuality is ok in the eyes of God? If you are going to have any pros or cons in relation to this subject it has to be on the foundation that Christianity is true.
  6. Not the point Doesn't matter. Since Jesus came and died for our sins he taught us a new way to deal with sin, and changed the Old Testament law. Now we turn the other cheek as opposed to killing people for any infraction. Although I agree with you, you are attempting to argue against what and what is not a sin in the views of christianity by simply saying "christianity is stupid". Enough ignorant statements for you
  7. Check I should have clarified my post when calling some people ignorant, I was attempting to kill two birds with one stone. 1. refute your post and 2. show my disgust at some close minded people that seem to be incapable of rational thought. Nothing you have said so far indicate that you are not attempting to discuss this subject in an understanding and well thought out maner.
  8. I never thought I'd say this but I cannot believe the ignorance of the non-christians in this thread. Seriously why is homo sex pointed out as a sin as opposed to hetero sex? The same reason that killing someone in defence is different than murder. God has a specific purpose for sex and it is to be between married couples. Homosexuality is a sin, hetero sex can be a sin, sex before marriage is a sin, cheating on your wife is a sin, wanting to cheat on your wife is a sin. Brvheart and Lois have shown a true understanding of biblical concepts, and shown that understand that there is no highe
  9. Oh please don't give me that. Word usage changes yes but this is like millions of people changing the use of the word "sarcastic". If people started using the word sarcastic to mean anything that was said in a derogatory manner, regardless of it was what is the accepted use of the word sarcastic now, you would just say "language changes get with it". Language means something, words mean something. To give such a broad definition to "ironic" does a disservice to actual forms of irony. Just because people are saying it doesn't make it right.
  10. Actually should have done some research before I postedThe American Heritage Dictionary’s usage panel found it unacceptable to use the word ironic to describe mere unfortunate coincidences or surprising disappointments that “suggest no particular lessons about human vanity or folly.” This definition still allows the above usage but excludes examples like Alanis Morissette’s “It's a traffic jam when you're already late” for a meeting, unless perhaps the topic of the meeting were traffic congestion, not something implied by the lyrics of “Ironic”. It is commonly stated that the song "Ironic" con
  11. So having to go through a detour is Ironic? Is it ironic to run into someone you know in a different city? That's just silly, maybe I should change with the times but it seems like the word will just lose all meaning if you allow it to be used for anything that is a coincidence.
  12. really? we all ended up at different tables.
  13. I really don't see how you could play these if they weren't turbos, just way too boring.
  14. I think another thing to consider is that if you really believe that AQs is a such a small part of his range, then his range is so incredibly large that you still beat a ton of his hands once again making it an insta-call. I think you got the point by now though so I'm offering nothing.
  15. I think everyone is forgetting this part. So let us say that he has every combo of a naked QS, that is 50 combos, 1 Combo of AQS. Let let us say hypothetically that the AQ of spades does not make up a higher part of his range than a naked queen. You are still getting 83 to one on your call. Terrible terrible terrible fold.
  16. Seriously learn the what Irony is. What you provided is not ironic by any stretch at all.
  17. Well yes, my linguistics need work, I was merley attempting to say that "what worse hand is he calling with" is not relevant at this stage in the hand.
  18. I do not think this line of thinking is good for a hand like this. We are not just value betting this hand we are also attempting to charge draws the most. Calling gives us very little information about SBs hand. Not raising this flop is a massive mistake.
  19. I guess a consideration against the bet on the river is how often he checks his overpairs behind. If we check here would he be scared to bet with AA,KK,JJ etc? I wish I could come up with numbers or something and stop just going on "feel". Damn poker pisses me off sometimes.
  20. I do too, but as being described as loose and passive I think a bet can be good here. Loose players are most definetly going to call with AK, some wierd 5, or 6, 33, 44. Plenty of other A high hands. I think this is a very thin value bet, but a decent one because of the times it does get checked through with the hands that we beat that will call a bet. I believe most of the hands that beat us on river are not going to raise, and every hand that we beat, that will call a bet, are not going to bet when checked to.The real question is how passive is he pre-flop as opposed to post-flop. Plent
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