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    aseem -I hope for your sake you play much more accurately than you post.First, you assume anybody played the hand correctly.Next, you make assumptions about what I have and have not read.Lastly, you make factual errors about the hand itself.Yes, 2 2 is a decent hand to see a cheap flop with. This wasn't a cheap flop. UTG brought it in for 4xBB, and there were two players ahead of him that flat-called. In addition, there was another caller behind him.All of that is supposed to indicate strength from all 4 of those hands.Now, the flop makes him a Set.Then, when UTG makes a pretty standard con
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    Let's see....3 Players are in the pot already and you decide to jump in with Ducks with more players still to act behind you.You hit your 8:1 shot on the Flop, bet it, and are unhappy that you caught no fish.What's the best way to play this hand? Fold Preflop.Otherwise, congratulate yourself on having gotten away with a bad play, and gratefully accept whatever pot you get.Dunce
  3. I think it's probably more accurate to say you want the best possible pot odds when playing a drawing hand.It's easiest to get those pot odds with more players in the hand.Dunce
  4. Hmmmmm. How exactly are you saving a bet?Any competent Pro is going to know that is what your Raise is designed to do and Re-Pop you to negate that. Then what? Make it 4 Bets? Where's the saving in that? All Raising does is cost you the same as a Call and a bet on the River would except that you don't get to see the River card... yet... or maybe ever if he Reraises.It's very unclear who is best here. You need that River card. Get it as cheaply as possible. Call.Then play the River according to what comes.Dunce
  5. Brokers? No. They're the Casino. They make money whether you win or lose. Poker a sport? No.The object of Poker is to fake people out. Deceive them into making mistakes that puts money in your pocket.No con game is a sport.The best starting hand in Hold'em is AA.Statistically, at best, and then only Heads-Up, it is no better than playing Russsian Roulette with a 5 shot revolver. On average, 1 time in 5, when you play those Aces, they're gonna ruin your day.Dunce
  6. Well, unless you're a dealer who is manipulating the deck to one player's particular advantage, you are not in control of the outcome.Incredibly interesting how our sociey leads some to doublethink what they do.It's gambling. That's why they're called bets, not investments.All "getting your money in when there's a positive expectation" does is define a good gamble.Dunce
  7. Individual sports like golf and bowling ARE games of skill.If you do the same things in the same way every time you get the same outcome every time. Manipulate your body and a golf club in the same way and at the same speed every time and the ball will fly the same distance and direction every time. The player directly controls his own outcomes.Skill is the ability to produce such repeating results. Poker is an activity where you can do the same things in the same way every time and get a different outcome every time. Gambling is an activity that involves the attempt to forecast results when
  8. So, let's ignore the results, forget about the specific cards involved, and restate the problem.You're second stack and have limped into a multiway pot. A ragged, low flop that contains a Flush possibility gives you top Board pair/top kicker. The chip leader has come over the top of your bet and pushed All-In.What do you do?
  9. I'm All-In.Right now, you figure to be a slight favorite against 3 other non-premium hands.If you just Call, the Pot goes to 2650, and you've left the door open for the BB to steal.If you complete and then Raise 2000, the Pot becomes 4650 and you only have 2000 left. That means any subsequent bet you make offers the other players a minimum of better than 3.3:1 Pot Odds.Nobody, so far, has indicated any strength. If you're going to play this hand at all, play to take it down right now.Dunce
  10. No math, just my own twisted version of logic.Taking your Heads-Up scenario -Anytime there are only two people in a Pot, the only way the Pot grows is if each of them contributes half the money.I know, the Mafia bookkeepers out there will tell you that each bet is a separate event, but really, any hand is more a string bet scenario. The Total Pot at the end of the hand started out as half your money and half the other guys money.Heads Up, you never get more than even money on any bet.Pot Odds/Implied Odds advocates are mostly hustlers who want you to go broke with the utmost confidence by pla
  11. From the responses I've read, it seems everyone is approaching the problem from the wrong direction. Remember, No Limit Hold'em is a game of people and situations and your own attitude, the cards are only incidental.First, when you are the short stack at the table, you can never bet unless you are prepared to put all of your chips at risk. Second, odds don't matter any longer. This is King of the Hill. A fight to the death. Total War. Only one player walks away.There is no longer any such thing as taking a stab at a pot. That just leads to becoming even more short stacked. It's total c
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