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  1. On 5/2/2021 at 5:08 PM, grocery_mony said:

    Oh wow 3 reply’s in less then a day this place still does exist!

    After the rapid decline of online poker after Black Friday I had to decide what I thought the next big thing would be. I narrowed

    it down to either Bitcoin or televised competitive eating competitions. So I invested all my money in a upstart competitive eating league and yada yada yada I’m now an assistant manager at a cellphone repair store at the third busiest mall in town.


    how bout you guys? Did suited ever become a lawyer and get to have the secks?  Any recent Scram or king tanner sightings?



    Um so I forgot my password, did a password reset, and the system only recognizes one of my joke accounts associated with my email.


    King_tanner is dead but Fez lives. I am now Fez

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  2. This contest is over...stick a fork in it...it's doneTo be perfectly honest...it wasn't all that funRay said he had to go to the bankBut we all know he went off and drankMaking me...Vick12...the clear #1!
    OHHHH KNOCKOUT !!!!!!!!!WINNER: VICK 12 HE WINS $1000 CASH MONNNNEYscreen name on stars? ( might send you .02 cents)COME BACK AGAIN FO' .... yo momma
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