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  1. ...problem is, the whole damn place might run out of water in ten years.So don't buy. Besides, you're just looking for a fun place to jet to every now and then. You really think you're going to keep this place forever? At this phase in your life, go for a rental. You'll be able to find timeshares and such. BTW, one of my ex-gfs lives down in the Southern Highlands (about 8-10 miles south of the Strip, just off I-15) with four roommates in a supposedly GIGANTIC house...she pays 350 a month, all utilities included. If it's you and your poker buddies, you should be able to find a great place for
  2. I'll be there for a couple days next week...looking for good 30-100 dollar tourneys. Any more recommendations?
  3. Ya played it fine. Unless you absolutely, positively know that one or both players will call or try to represent-check-raise you...you have to let them catch up. As for the river bet...I don't know how much more you could've gotten from him.
  4. Uh...care to post an example? Or are we talkin' about "bad beats" in the context of life in general, like getting hit by a train?
  5. It happened to a friend at a live home tourney out in the sticks...one of those "friend-of-a-friend" invites. My buddy only knew 3 out of the 40 or so dudes in a big barn.And no, it wasn't me. Thank God.100-dollar buy-in, NLHE, basic normal stuff.My friend got JJ in the cutoff. I don't know if there were any limpers pre-flop, but he raised and only got called by the BB. It was HU from the flop onward.He flopped top set. BB checked, he bet. BB re-raised pretty big, so he pushed all-in, even though it was really early in the tourney. (He said people were staying in with crap, betting their draws
  6. Maybe it is the new thing here...all threads are actually sarcastic threads, and people just post them for the hell of it. HORRIBLE PLAY BY BOTH'UM YUZ!
  7. Abso-freaking-lutely.I was a marginally net-negative lifetime online player...largely due to some expensive lessons I learned early on. Since these suckers started...net-positive, and then some.
  8. Looking for the place that'll get me the best percentage back for my buck. Or, my W-buck. I trust FCP for all my tough poker decisions.Any suggestions?
  9. Anyone else having difficulty getting on? It says there's good connections, but the GUI never fills up with available games/tourney...just "connecting". I even uninstalled and re-installed the software...nothin'.Anyone else?
  10. w00t! w00t! w00t!Seriously, this is pretty incredible to have access to. The fact that I have a window into the personal life of one the biggest poker players out there is sorta hard to process. Thanks for having the trust in us FCPers to post what you post. And I sincerely am happy that you fixed what was broken, and got it together. Good luck, Daniel!
  11. Luckily, it wasn't for a whole lot of money.PS WSOP DS $5+R qual tourneyStill in rebuys, limp in early with A7 of clubs. Get some limpers, blah blah. Flop comes KKQ, with two clubs. I bet the pot, only one caller. Next card is the Ten of clubs. I bet small, hoping other dude's got a King. He instantly re-raises all-in...I call, hoping he doesn't have a boat.He's got JcTd. Seriously. It is rebuys and all, but this guy already doubled up twice. He had a good chunk of change.Lo and behold, the river's the friggin' Nine of clubs. Yeah, I could just rebuy and all, but that pot would've put me over
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