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  1. Ya, but at least his braclet will have the right name inscribed on it lol. Actually he seems like a big fat fish at this $100/$200 game he is currently sitting in with $900. Sort of lame if you ask me.
  2. OUCH! (Sorry hand converter butchard this).PokerStars Game #2649620999: Hold'em Limit ($100/$200) - 2005/09/24 - 12:42:31 (ET)Table 'Corduba' Seat #4 is the buttonSeat 1: batoelrob ($9228 in chips) Seat 3: Exclusive ($2000 in chips) Seat 4: Panella86 ($1023 in chips) Seat 5: banchi ($3198 in chips) banchi: posts small blind $50batoelrob: posts big blind $100Buster Love: sits out *** HOLE CARDS ***Exclusive: raises $100 to $200Panella86: raises $100 to $300banchi: folds batoelrob: calls $200Exclusive: calls $100*** FLOP *** [Ts Ad Td]batoelrob: checks Exclusive: checks Panella86: bets $100bato
  3. A few weeks back I was involved in an $700 pot during a $1/$2 NL game lmao. The two guys in front of me both went allin on the flop, one had two pair, the other had a set, while I was holding the nuts (a straight). The guy who had two pair TURNED A BOAT!
  4. DNA4Ever - Friends don't let friends play limit poker, stop that crap man.It's time to get out of the kiddie pool and start making moves.
  5. Can someone ban this guys account, what a prick.
  6. Just going through some of the old posts, can you believe we all got scammed on this one.
  7. I had a hand a few weeks ago which was counterfitted on the river. I ended up with 7 high. I fired $25 at the pot, and my opponent called. I turned over my cards and proudly announced THREE PAIR. He mucked!
  8. I heard that one of the programs that they are working on is better gifts in the FPP store. So you might want to wait.
  9. Ya, go out the front door of your hotel, and ask the doorman for a limo, they are usually standing by with cheap rates.
  10. Bellagio has several tournaments a week. Buyins range from $500 - $1000
  11. Yep, Salmon at least thats what it feels like this week. Actually the play against money was probably the worst play I have ever made, but against men I really had no choice.
  12. Live poker is rigged.I had that happen to me once, when I was headsup for $3,000 in tourney chips. Man I was pissed, I had the guy AK vs K7, and the board made a flush.
  13. Full tilt tourney structures are horrible.
  14. By the way even though cardcore probably doesn't give a crap, I must actually be a good luck charm for these guys. Just like moneymaker men the master went on to win the tournament. Men got the better end of the deal by taking down 42K while money only got 11K.Daniel, if you would like to buy my entry fee into every event that you play, I am sure that I can end up having you bust me too.
  15. If you would pull your head out, someone asked me how I did in the tourney.
  16. Man what is up this week, the other night I get busted by moneymaker in the online tourney. So tonight I go to play a live tournament at the bike, and I get moved with my short stack to Men the masters table. Sure enough I push with my pocket pair, only to be busted by his AJ (he had a HUGE stack when I checked back in later).On a side note, I don't know if any of you are planning to play these tournaments at the bike or not, but from what went on tonight I probably won't bother other than possibly playing the main event where the structure will be much better.The first problem was that they
  17. you're actually correct. the story is still great though.I thought my buddy was CRAZY to push rather than call, but who am I to judge he trusts his reads and makes $500 to $1,000 almost every night that we play. Oh and yes the drunk irish dude was so far out of line its not even funny, well ya it was funny, but that is besides the point. He's bluffing call him, lmao.
  18. Actually, its funny that you mention that, because in my hand I had AJ vs his AK, and flopped a J only to see him turn the K. In looking back on it, I obviously wayyyyyy overplayed my hand. I figured that he is the type of player that would likely reraise the button with any ace, or pocket pair, so I was likely to be a coin flip or well ahead. Had it been someone else in the big blind I would have either just called his reraise or mucked, but I thought that it was important not to let him "control" the table, and push me around, but I obviously could have picked a better spot. I do not re
  19. Actually now that you say it he did, but I didn't realize the humore in it, because he said, I'll be back when this as.hole is not here.
  20. Ya my buddy tossed him a $1 chip. I laughed for about a half an hour later, when shwartzenegar walked back up to collect his things I busted up again, as they started cussing at eachother. I can't stop thinking about the Irish dude yelling "He's Bluffing, He's Bluffing his a.. off, CALL CALL CALL!
  21. I forgot to tell you about this funny cash game that I played during the WSOP at the Rio so here it is:It was about 1:00 in the morning. My buddy I were playing a no limit game at the rio, when this dude walked up and sat down. He must have been related to Arnold Shwartzenager (spelling), because he looked and talked exactly like him. Anyway, a few minutes later this drunk irish dude sits down (I know what a strange sight, a drunk Irish dude). As it turns out the drunk Irish dude couldn't stand Shwartzenager, so he kept giving him crap about how he played. Shwartzenegar had a tendency to
  22. For those of you who do not have a clue, this tactic is perfect against one of these arogant punks. I have used it many times, and while you may loose a few bucks when you don't hit the flop, the money that you make off of them after they get pissed more than makes up for it.One night I check raised a dude on the flop with K high. He bet every flop so I thought he probably didn't have anything. Anyway, a king hit on the turn, and at the conclusion of the hand he went off just like Fillmaff. "You check raised me on the flop with King high". He proceded to spew chips for the next to hours.
  23. Guys seriously, 5% river card LAPoker is the real champ. Where is my 7 million?
  24. Money busted me too, I had AJ on the button, and he had AK. Freaking pokerstars its definitely all there fault lol.
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