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  1. GG Daniel.Have you seen this guy on PS?Boku's ChallengeHis challenge was 100$ to 10000$ in less than 15 days, playing only SnG...and he did it. Amazing!
  2. GG Obama...Most countries in the world are already annoucing that they whant to tighten or restore relationship with USA. This is a great positive step for the peace in the world.Anyway, he has been fairly choosen by the people of America as the new president. If his politic is bad, you will change back in 4 years. If his politic is good, well...And if his politic is putting USA into a living nightmare, somebody already said on this forum that you were keeping weapons ready to bring back liberty and freedom against a dictatorial gouverment. Let's cross fingers that the democratic way will prev
  3. the US health care system: Best in the world or just the most expensive?
  4. If you say so.... if youthink that talking about something that concern more than 115,000 companies and more than 1,3 million of workers (in 2004, only for USA) is really stupid. There's business to do here, even if you're not motive by ecological issues.
  5. Let's say their positioning on earth heating. Do they talked about more R&D on solar/wind/hydraulic sources of energy? On taxes on bigger cars that polute the most? Research or implentation of nuclear energy? Water preservation? On fishing quota? (not in poker I hope) As you said the subjet is still broad but this is the kind of information that are almost totally avoided by generalist newspapers (especially in Europe I think) on this campaign.
  6. In fact you're right. My last post is not reflecting what I wanted to say due to my poor level in english. I apologize.Back to my first post, the question was instead: what is the position of both candidates on ecology problems. Question that was motived by my reading of this report.
  7. I'm giving the opportunity to debate on a 48 pages report on a subjet that normally concern everybody on earth and the only thing that came out is the URL, wow!I pretty sure that some Pandas could have been more contructive in their answers...
  8. I was reading this morning the annual repport from WWF and as I'm not an US citizen, I was wondering what is the position of both candidates of these matters?The full report is available here for those who can be interested: http://assets.panda.org/downloads/living_p...report_2008.pdfCome on, don't be shy I guess this subjet is far more important than knowing if Obama has a Muslim second name or if McCain has been re-humanized since his captivity.
  9. I guess it can be a mix between: -you earn enough money that taxes will change nothing to your way of life.-you are glad to share part of your wealth to help other less lucky beings (as it changes almost nothing for you)-you want to change this crazy capitalist world as you're a f***ing socialistAnyway, I'm already paying more than 40% taxes but who cares as I'm a f**ing french.
  10. "The only good gook is a dead gook' was a saying in Vietnam. "Already said by General Sheridan about indians...100 years before. Sad.
  11. Sure. Give me a shipping address and I post it. Honestly, I know that I'm a kind of utopist but look at the criminality numbers worldwide and you will get my point.I don't have a solution and as gobears said, the argument is valid. Anyway, sticking to the position that keeps weapons free is an aberration.Sorry for my english as it is not my native language.
  12. Good point but if I quote you: We reserve the right to throw off any government which no longer serves our purposes.Elections are not here for that in civilized countries? I mean, if you want to avoid a civil war as you will have most probably a good part of the population that will be on the other side.
  13. Thanks for your reply AmScray even if I don't understand what is bad in willing helping others.Thanks also Irishguy, I know what is Socialism, my question was more related to the vision of socialism from an american point of view.Second Amendment is also something weird for me. When we listen US citizens, they often say that they need weapons to protect themselves against other armed persons. No weapons at all will put this need useless. I'm wrong?
  14. 100% agree with that.Just a question for my personal knowledge, what is really a socialist for an american citizen? I'm not kidding or trolling, just asking.
  15. Honestly, your electoral system sounds very weird view from the old world. But who cares? ^^
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