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  1. Well I got my first Royal Flush today at teh Wynn.The blog is updated.mikecunningham.blogspot.comThanks again.
  2. Ok, I've been in Vegas for a week now. Update to my blog has been posted. mikecunningham.blogspot.comThanks for all the support people.
  3. Ok, another update. I have been requested to start a blog for what it is worth. SInce I am changing careers (10 years as a college track coach) to move to Vegas, maybe some of you might find it interesting too.So, if you want, you can bookmark it, if not, then ignore this post.http://mikecunningham.blogspot.com/If you are interested in seeing if Vegas breaks me or not, bookmark the above website. I will be adding to it quite frequently.
  4. Another update for those who care.I got an apartment with roommate last night in the Henderson, NV area. So for $410 a month (includes utilities) I will be in Henderson, NV. I will be attending BlackJack dealing school as well to work part time as a black jack dealer as the rest of the time I will be playing poker professionally. Out of all the card rooms that I played in (10) during my visit this past weekend, I decided that the Wynn was the place to be. So, that will be my work place. I will be leaving the state of Mississippi around Aug. 24th.Updates to continue (again for those who
  5. Ok, an update on the move. Last I posted I was 73% sure that I was moving. Well, I turned in my two weeks notice this morning. I'm doing it.I'll be moving to Vegas the 3rd week in August.Wish me luck.
  6. I collect a chip from every casino that I play poker in. I'm around 50 right now.SOmeone asked about a frame or display. You can find some on ebay, but they are a tad expensive. I went to tinytreasures.com and got one and it is gorgeous.ALso, I was doing some research on chip collecting, did you know there is a whole club/orginization for this stuff?Check out thechipboard.com to see their message board.
  7. I would think in almost all instances for a tight player (ahem, look at the screenname), it would be much more advantageous for a pot rake then a time rake.Factors that depend on this though are how much is the time and at what limits are you playing at?I personally hate time rake. I have played time rake in Chicago and Tunica tried it for a couple of weeks. Atlantic City, Kansas City, Oklahoma, etc all do pot rake thankfully.
  8. WHen I was in Tulsa about 3 weeks ago, Amarillo Slim was there playing. I didn't get to play with him (he was play O/8, I was playing 1/2NL). I did get a chance to talk with him though. Super nice guy.And yes, I have played at the tournament at the Grand on Sunday. It's not that great of a tournament now that they don't add $5k anymore on the second Sunday.Maybe you and I have played against each other?
  9. Let me start this by saying that I do not drink Red Bulls and drinks like that. I do not do speed, etc either.Back in the beginning of January in Tunica, the week leading up to the WPO, I did 20 hours, took a 4 hours nap, and then did 57 hours straight. No dinner breaks (ate at the table), no naps at all.I should have only done 53 hours, becuase the last 4 hours really hurt. Not only physically but monatarilly too. I still ended up $3000.I slept for twelve hours after that without even thinking about waking up. I still hurt the rest of the week though.
  10. Poker2005dealer....I've PMd you to get ahold of you. I would like to talk with you.
  11. Who is beans and icewater? is this a jopke?
  12. even better than a referal, go to www.mcpoker.us and sign up for an account for full tilt, party, empire, interpoker and more. No referal codes needed.Also got amazon poker book deals there too!
  13. I am 73% assured that after 10 years in one career and on the verge of turning 29, that I will be moving to Vegas within 4 weeks. I do not have fairy tells of becomign some big professional poker player (although I do and would contribute income from that), but plan on getting a job inside of a casino.Does anyone have any advice on this? How to get a job in a casino, etc? Yes I have a degree. Yes I have had 10 years of managerial experience, etc.I am currently looking into housing issues, where the heck to live. No wife and kids so that makes it easier.Any help/advice/suggestions would be
  14. Does anyone know which online site has the most frequent Omaha/8 tournaments? MTT and SNG?I want/need to practice for the WSOP Circuit that is coming to Tunica in Aug. and would like to get ready for the OMaha/8 tourn.THanks in advance.
  15. Being a college track coach and a part time poker player, this is my thread 100%!!!!!People don't pay attention at track meets hardly ever. The focus needed for any track event is intense so we don't always see what happens before us if it's not in the event.That girl (Szabo I believe) was walking to her precious distance event and got in the way of a long jumper getting ready to pop a big one. (You can see I'm much more jump biased).Oh and if you can't reraise, I wouldn't call (NL theory not limit).
  16. I just had to tell a funny story about Allen Cunningham. The story does not contain the actual Allen Cunningham, only his name and a fake family member. Hope you like it:I was the Gold Strike in Tunica playing 1/2 NLHE. I had been playing for a couple of hours when someone in seat 3 said to the table, "Hey doesn't that guy (Seat 6) look like Allen Cunningham?"Now I was in Seat 8 and heard this. At this point, I had never seen Allen Cunningham in person and could have been playing next to him and not known by looks who he is/was. But, being that my last name is Cunningham I decided to tak
  17. Ok, I had to respond to this thread because this is one of the issues that REALLY cheeses me off playing poker.Asking to see another man's hand if he has mucked it or intends to muck it is the same as calling that man a cheater. YES, you have the right to ask to see the losing hand, it's in the rules, but the reasoning behind the rule is collusion not INFORMATION.I personally hate it when people do this. I do get mad. I do not go after this person like ....Ian.... said and go broke though. By him asking to see that hand, I already know that he isn't very good. Like the OP said, you are
  18. I do a different route for my affiliate. I am an interpoker affiliate so I set up the website www.mcpoker.us It redirects (automatically) to the website with my affiliation code.I advertise a little different then some as well. I want to be able to help people out with the website, so I play only on this site so I can be the most knowledgable about the site and I dont' spam. When someone gets on a forum and ask questions about websites and bonuses, etc, I send them a personal email telling them about www.mcpoker.us and offering to answer any questions that they may have.I also have busines
  19. I can't give you exact percentages, but I'll put it like this, you are better than 2:1 to make the flush.
  20. You can build up your bonuses, yes. Meaning if you deposit in May but don't hit the raked hand count, you can deposit in June and still work on May's raked hand count. In fact, you ahve to work on the May bonus as they will not start your June bonus until you have cleared May's.As always, anyone looking for an interpoker account, please download the software from www.mcpoker.usThey new low limit hold em and NL tables are VERY good, in my opinion.
  21. Just a FYI, interpoker today has started .15/.25 NLHE and .25/.50 NLHE (previously only had .50/1 as lowest NLHE). THey also have the same low stakes for PLO and PLO/8.As always if you are interested in an interpoker account, please download the software from www.mcpoker.us
  22. When I was there this past Saturday night, the 1/2 NL game had a 300 max buy in. Not sure on the 2/5 NL game. They also had 10/25 with a 5k max buy in. I railbirded the 10/25 while waiting for the 1/2 and thuoght the 10/25 guys were pretty bad. Lots of cash though.
  23. I've played in AC a few times. I pretty much stick to teh Borgata and if I'm not liking the action there, I head over to the Taj.
  24. I'll be in Nashville, TN from May 12-15. Looking for a game.Anyone?
  25. I think this is just the start of GamesGrids demise. I posted on RGP asking how could they keep up the promotions they were running. I mean 5000% bonus, VFP, and refereall for a cut of the rake. There is no way they are making any significant amount of money, if any at all. Got to count free rolls and advertising costs.All this, plus a lack of traffic. I was excited to start a GamesGrid account, now I doubt I'll ever deposit.
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