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  1. Never go up to a mob, and excite them to anger. Because for some reason people do crazy/agressive/stupid stuff when they are ina mob of people. I am not condoning it.
  2. What other fuel are we going to use to run the country? Oil is really the only viable one at this point. So we are more in need of them than they are in need of us. They have the stuff we need. so they get to decide what to charge, within reason.
  3. I am starting to warm to the idea. But it just needs to be implemented in a way that brings out the best. (no, I don't know what that implementation is...)
  4. It would be much better if they all just took oxycontins. That would be much better, and totally legal. <sarcasm off>
  5. That's it? Torture is letting them off easy. First we will have to put them in town square in those wooden clasp things from the colonial days, where their arms and head are stuck... and have people stand around and laugh at them. That will teach them to want relief from their pain, those freakin tools.
  6. I don't think it is the worst idea in the universe. Hopefully if this does end up happening he will tweak it: make it less hours, or voluntary or some credit for college, or something like that. I think the idea is to get more people involved in their communities. Yeah, I know, I also don't like being told what to do. Maybe if they made it totally voluntary but had incentives for getting involved in the community then it could work? This is America, where the government isn't supposed to tell you what you have to do etc.
  7. That is ridiculous. Why don't you phrase it better, like this:The difference between good people and bad people is that good people are sorry Obama won, but hope he succeeds because that's good for the countryBad people were sorry Bush won, and hoped that he would fail because that would be good for showing others how stupid the good people are
  8. Hey! So it passed??? Man I saw a pig fly yesterday too and my life is now complete, lol.what does the new law say? What is the status on marijuana?
  9. I guess the Civil War spoke loud and clear though, and set a precedent.
  10. Was secession a possibility originally built into the Constitution? I know that states' rights were very important at that time to the founders. Was the ability to secede from the union considered one of those states' right?
  11. Hey, well the republicans are due for an buttkicking right???
  12. I noticed it disappeared too... He must have pulled it, like you said.
  13. I was just reading about the Bradley Effect. It is based on an election that happened in 1982. In all likelihood they have improved the polling methods since then to minimize of even eliminate any errors. You know how quickly things evolve in this country! So the effect may be minimal.
  14. The equivalent of Joe the Plumber in France : Marcel the Guy With Bread Under His ArmpitROFL...Maybe she was not hearing him well on the phone? So she was just being nice and going along with it, assuming she couldn't hear clearly???? We can only hope...
  15. Good points Sheiky,I just down't want the governemnt acting like my parents or something. People need to self-actualize. This whole idea of having the government handle everything for us is making us a retarded country. (IMHO)For example, WHY are those kids doing dumb shit like that? (drugs smoking etc???) What about their parents? Why are parents so stupid as to see the signs and ignore them?
  16. Sheiky,I think eduction is the key to drug prevention. Like you said, the addicts would likely say "I wish these weren't available when I was young" but what they mean is "I wish I knew these suck, and never tried them" And the thing is, some people are just stupid. They just can't resist. My cousin went to jail for 2 years from things he did when he was addicted to heroin. And he should have known better. He DID technically know better. Why should all of this be burdening our prison system? We have to PAY for them to be in prison! I dunno. I guess I just think we should be putting r
  17. You know what dismays me here? It is that somehow many of us have convinced ourselves that our government is the answer to all our woes. And now the big government has it's hands in everything, and it's all a giant cluster-funk of inefficiency sailing its way into insane debt. What the heck is going on here? The government is not infinitely capable. It cannot eliminate all pain and suffering from every human's life. And the more we put it on the government to do so, the more we become a pathetic country of disempowered victims. And I don't like it.
  18. At the height of addiction NOBODY is going to function well, musically or otherwise. What about before the height of their addictions? Think about the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Anthony Kedis was doing drugs like crazy, and I personally love their music. But the newer music with him off the drugs isn't the same quality.
  19. How do you factor in things like court costs, policemen wasting time arresting dealers, or the effect on our country of imprisoning dealers?Maybe you're right and we wouldn't save money, but we sure as hell would save time and stop wasting our efforts on stupid stuff.
  20. Minimize the potential harm to users through education and open dialog....Is the amount of users who use drugs literally the same, or the same after you factor in population growth?
  21. BG,You don't need to be religious to want to do good things within your society. Atheists are just as capable.
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