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  1. i'm selling mine on ebay, but its not really getting noticed..there's like 21,000 thousand of them on sale...most are going for about 1,100. I'm even selling it with a bunch of games and extras, i've only got my bids up to about 700 or so....maybe a week before christmas i'll repost it again.
  2. thanks therasa but I didn't make it in time....actually I had to call my brother and have him download it and login....but somebody got knocked out I guess in the first hand...oh well..there's always next week..but I needed those pts...gay
  3. funny, but not, well I guess no DN open tonight..this sucksjust keeps saying network status with a bar going across the screen
  4. having trouble logging on to pstars...anybody else?
  5. don't feel bad..its my only tourny all week long too...and yes you will be there.
  6. i went on a big downswing last week. i've taken a week off, read up some more on SSHE and played for just pts at UB. i'll start playing again real money tomorrow and i'll try and play my game and see how it goes. i'd say take some time off...a week should suffice...then back to grinding away.
  7. these are all making my laugh my ass off
  8. raise more preflopdon't c/r that flop...lead out by moving in or betting the pot.since you c/r the flop and got reraised you can be pretty sure that he has a 9.....i'd probably call and go broke...but folding this isn't that bad. you may think 550 is just a little bit..but i've seen people come back from worst. 2 double ups and your right back in there. gl
  9. i think your cap is fine. like TJ said..if your not capping the riv no reason for the raise on the riv unless you think your ahead. i've seen many people overplay AK, AQ, and even AJ here...yes I said AJ...you never know. If he has AA or QQ and you lose, well then you lose, thats poker...move on...you have a set..i play it just the way you did.
  10. i'm not even playing this 6-8 handed in your position..fold this preflop dude..it will save you a lot of money in the long run....if your an aggressive player than maybe a c/r on the flop....but only if you think UTG will fold...which is about 1% of the time so just let it go dude..pot is so small and stop playing J 10 offsuit...
  11. if your not betting the turn then there is no reason to call this riv. its such a small pot and you have nothing. any reads on the guy?
  12. yeah...i just felt the blinds were so low and there was no reason to get knocked out right thereback up to 1800 now
  13. i just felt like he had two pair or a set when he just called the flop
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