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  1. i will after i win my tourney this coming thursday!!cant wait!! seneca allagany i have my WSOP qualifier..If I win this I get to go to Vegas for the WSOP!! cant wait!!
  2. Ultimate Bet--thats my full time site..I dont normally venture away from there
  3. i have a lot of weaknesses, and im trying to work on my game alot..ive been hitting the books hard and reading everything i can get my hand on, and ive compiled a list of a couple of things i need to work on~1.) When I have a good hand, I need to bet..I find myself checking more than anything else, and Im giving people free cards, and they end up catching something and taking me down..Man that pisses me off..It just seems as of lately I am having a tuff time chasing people out of the hands that I get involved in, then these people end up catching there cards..2.) Making stupid calls..I hold A-
  4. promised the girlfriend i would take her to the mall..joy..atleast i get to stop at starbucks, thats a plusbut when we get home we continute are heads up tourney..see my girlfriend has been hooked on cards for the past year or so..lately she is getting much better and wants to play more often, so we play heads up just about every dayafter she goes home, its on the computer for me..ill probably put about 3 or so hours in and then hit the sack..ive got the urge to play some cards tonite!ohh and to everyone~be safe if you are out at the bars tonite and driving!
  5. He'll be at fallsview..thats what he saidand is this thursday today or thursday next week?
  6. wait..what did i miss? daniel? at casaino niagra?
  7. yea you aint kiddin..what a call..good catch tho!
  8. great post man...agreed with ya one hundred percent..
  9. loved this episdoe!! one of my fav episdoes all season..all of my fav pros were on there.. i love watching arieh, williams, ivey and DN play..they seriously are the people i pay most attention to..great play by everyone, sad to see ivey go out first..3rd time at the final table hes been busted with a-q
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