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  1. A quick post for those of you anxiously awaiting the release of Stacked. The game will now be released at the end of February 2006 for the:PS2Xbox PSPPCThey are refining the online elements of the game. The game is published by Myelin Media but distributed by Atari.
  2. Very funny.Well Ron hopefully one of these days I will have the pleasure and good fortune to sit down with you, Royal and a few select others who I really think it would be a blast to play poker and party with.As far as the rest of the bullshit goes, I say uncle and I just don't want to fuck with this forum any more.It is clearly -ev for me as no matter how hard I try to come across in a respectful and intelligent manner, I must be doing a really lousy job since it ends up twisted and ugly.Very few really want any true dialog and it is way too difficult to get above the noise, my time is much
  3. Do you really think this is the best way to go about it?Would would you suggest?Be a verbal doormat and when people call me Idiot, Stupid, Moron, Tard, simply let it go?Yes I could do that, but what do you realistically think the chances are that they will not continue to treat others like that?Sometimes you just have to stand up to a bully even if he is a verbal bully in cyberspace.If you have a better way to make this forum a place where people can discuss without being verbally abused, please let us know!
  4. Hmm?Do you really think that I am trying to be the martyr?I always expected that my original opinion would be in the minority. I have never had any issue with anyone disagreeing.The issue which only a handful have chimed in on was the fact that disagreeing quickly became a verbal lynching.That was the issue, and I have seen it many, many times with others, not just me.While you are correct that many/most disagreed, as the day wore on yesterday more and more people came out and said they agreed.Many people disagreed with my point of view but did not resort to nasty, vindicative, vitriolic and
  5. It was strictly in the manner that several people chose to disagree.I never expected nor would want people to agree just to agree.The issue was that many people chose to resort to personal attacks, and blindly defend Daniel.Daniel is a human being like everyone of us with feelings, failings, good days bad days, that does not make him perfect or infallible.I have not met him so I don't know him and cannot comment on his character.Conversely you do not know me personally and therefore are not in a position to criticize me either.It is not just me, as I have said in many other posts that while it
  6. I responded with a quote to a post.Want to see to refresh your memory ? Ron asked you to stop beating a dead horse...I chimed in that you answered this morning and the first line of that post was " 8 pages is enough"...and yet here you are with the same BS.Hey, you are right and I am wrong about everything so I started another thread that should be much more pleasing and to your liking!So what tourney and in the Cindy issue? Again I assure you that I am not being a wise guy when I ask, just genuinely interested in any one on this forums success regardless of whether I agree, disagree with, li
  7. Now its back to DN....I thought this was a different topic. :roll: Anyway....as I said yesterday, if I couldn't fade the swings ,I would leave.Save the "card Player" reference ...I said I am in the current issue not was in. Truth hurts don't it.LOLTruth hurts?Unlike you who I am not negative towards my fellow posters.I am happy for you and not in the least bit jealous.The Cindy Violette issue? What tourney did you win?I am genuinely interested in the success of others here and not being a wise guy when I ask.
  8. Okay clearly this is what most, not all, but most of you want. So without any further adieu the post that you all want:Daniel is the best.Daniel is great.Daniel does everything right.Daniel does nothing wrong.Thanks Daniel for this website.Thanks Daniel for your blog, please, please don't let those free thinking jerks that speak their mind stop you from blogging.Daniel please tell us what you ate for breakfast today.Daniel what time did you first go the bathroom today when you woke up?Daniel please say hi to Barry Greenstein for me when you play him next.Daniel nice laydown that one time agai
  9. Show me one spot in this thread where I called you any name. Just because I disagree with you ... don't take it personal.Does anyone believe this is not a rehashing of the 8 page monster but disguised ?I said it would be my final post on that topic...but you really need a wake up.You conveniently only quoted part of what I said. I said either call names or make snide remarks like the one you did about me posting at 4:30am.The last post I made on the 8 page monster had nothing to do with the original discussion and was about the nasty way people come down on people.Instead of your making a com
  10. Did you even read the "Nutbar" article DN mentioned ? Part of his reasoning is that from the moment he sits down ...he owns the table.The whole point is to NOT raise your premium hands...to limp them and TRAP...to let him bet your hands for you.I will no longer be posting on this topic....but please think about it.I have thought about it.So you tell me, you are good enough that when Daniel sits down at your table you will trap him and make money off of him?Well I was not in Card Player so I can readily admit that I am not so naive as to think that I will be able to sit down with Daniel and tra
  11. Worse yet...he made a post at 4:30 this morning on that "8 page monster" to say how 8 pages is enough.You were wrong...are wrong...let it go.Not sure what the deal is with the time stamp you refer to but I was asleep at 4:30am. I didn't make any posts until about 8:30 or 9:00am EST.Fair enough...I live in Pacific time...could be that. Still doesn't negate the fact that you possted on that 8 page monster first thing this morning though, right ?And your point is what?I did not rehash the original issue in that post, just the fact that people like you either call me and other posters names, wors
  12. Since you are jumping through hoops to try and make some point...allow me to shoot you right down.Duhhhhh.... if a "A player who is a much more skilled player than you joins your table" you are always in a -EV situation. Buy in has nothing to do with it.Buy in has EVERYTHING to do with it!That was always the whole point, and really it is much more of an issue with the Wynn if they allow no maximum at a $5 10 table then with Daniel.I never, ever argued that it would be great to have a really lousy player buy in for 10 or 20 times what you have at the table. Every player who is decent or thinks
  13. In AC most or all the NL tables have a max buy in but at The Wynn, either there is none or it is very, very high.I agree I want a maniac at my table too, but how does having a player who is much better than you sitting down with 10 to 20 times your stack going to make you money?Are you going to be able to trap the pro, to make a big score?I don't think so, that's why they are pro's because they know when they are beat and when to laydown and they are NOT easily trapped.
  14. Worse yet...he made a post at 4:30 this morning on that "8 page monster" to say how 8 pages is enough.You were wrong...are wrong...let it go.Not sure what the deal is with the time stamp you refer to but I was asleep at 4:30am. I didn't make any posts until about 8:30 or 9:00am EST.
  15. I agree 100%, if I or you were properly bankrolled.In the scenario I outlined you WERE properly bankrolled since you and the other 8 originally sat down with very similar stacks.Once John Smith joins the table with 125k you are no longer properly bankrolled.If John Smith is a rich donkey then yes I want him at my table with 1,000 times my stack as you are correct I will make money.This is NOT the scenario I outlined.A player who is a much more skilled player than you joins your table with 10 to 20 times your stack after you have been properly bankrolled and playing for say 6 hours, how is that
  16. I would love to play against you in any tournament then.I'm sure most pros wouldn't lay it down, but I bet that most pros don't go broke on this hand either. Look at the DN hand against Faraha when he rivered the flush and DN had the str8, according to you and almost everyone else on this thread, DN MUST be weak tight because Farha could have anything here.C'mon be real, just because you aren't good enough, don't say every pro would go broke here too.And someone was right, you don't have to go all in here, you can just call, especially when it's AAxx, you have to figure him for at least an A,
  17. Okay I want to put forth a scenario without talking about Daniel or any specific pro or person and get some genuine intelligent dialog and opinion.There really were two issues at hand when discussing the possibility of someone like Daniel joining your $5 10 table, entertainment value and money making potential.I guess I did not do a good enough job of explaining the way I interperted the situation so I will try once more fresh.If you are looking for entertainment value, then having Daniel or Phil Hellmuth or some other pro join your table and nutbar as it has so affectionately been called, yea
  18. Congratulations!Well done, always nice to win a tourney especially for that kind of dough.
  19. You know what Ron you are right.The only posts worth making are the juvenile jokes, since those generally don't get any kind of nasty, vitriolic reactions.Attempting to have any kind of genuine, intelligent dialog on this site tends to be an excercise in futility.I am done with it.
  20. :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:Very nice and exactly my point.We don't agree so let's verbally beat the shit out of the poster.Play as many fucking violins as you want, if you read the above you will note that this isn't about me. I fully expected the reaction but I understand why people don't want to comment, it always becomes a personal attack and the dialog gets lost and muted.
  21. For the record, I did NOT flame him.I opened up a can of worms that brought out quite a bit of emotion in people but I did not flame him, I voiced my opinion and if my comments are read in context you will see that I did it in as a respectful manner as I could.Could I have worded it better?Maybe.Did I flame him or try and bash him, was that my intent?NO
  22. 8 pages is enough, so I am not going to comment on the original topic, everybody has their opinion and is entitled.What I find most interesting and at the same time frustrating and somewhat disturbing is the reaction that people have when either the topic is not flattering towards Daniel or they just plain don't agree.Daniel mentioned he was offended by my original comments. Now I made them respectfully and with thought and without any malice, and yet he was offended.Why is Daniel not offended by the reaction of many, not all mind you, but many of the posters on this forum towards me?It happ
  23. Well said.That was always my point. It is not poker at that point it is strictly gambling which is fine if that is what you expect, but if you sit down to play poker and have any kind of game at all you don't want to gamble.
  24. ah crap...that green is harder to see (it is green right? i'm a little color blind)How's that, better?I don't want you to have to strain your eyes too much!
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