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  1. Yup, that's why when I have been challenged by smart ass, 18 year olds online to play for ridiculous amounts I don't.Not because I do not have confidence that I can beat them, but because a sure way to immediate ruin is to let your pride and ego dictate at what level you play.I will never allow someone to bully me in to playing for stakes that are not within my bankroll.There is no shame in saying, hey this is the level that I can currently afford.I have a family to support and can't just throw money around like a drunken sailor.That being said I will move up to higher levels as the bankroll a
  2. Exactly.I really felt that it was 100% correct, I just enjoy the feedback on here, and the guy was so angry and he just couldn't understand to save his life why I would put him all in post-flop.I do like suited connectors, which is precisely why I played them.It was a fun hand.I hope what you didn't do was explain to him why you played the hand like you did, talking about how many outs you had, and what not. There's nothing betting than making the right move AND having someone think you suck because of it. DON'T EVER DEFEND YOURSELF!! Just say you lika da gamblo, that you're lucky, and laugh
  3. Actually I am Casey!!Oh wait I don't have that kind of money to donk off.Never mind I think I was dreaming that I was playing high stakes with Phil Ivey as Casey.
  4. Let me tell you, with my track record with that, anyone that doesn't want me to play it better make it very, very expensive pre-flop.Otherwise I am moving forward with it.See now 2 hands after this one I had 3, 4 suited and another guy was much smarter and bet around 240 pre-flop, that was enough to get me to let the hand go.
  5. I have gotten the same hand twice in a row a few times, but I have never, ever had the same hand, with another player also having his same hand twice in a row.Again the odds against that happening have just got be astronomical!!I am not kiidding when I say that I would be willing to bet that the odds of winning the lottery are less than the 2 same hands thing happening.
  6. Well don't I feel foolish.Larry I just went to the gutshot poker site and saw your article. I had not heard of you before.Well hope to see you there, I guess in a little over a week or so. I just have to see if I can get a room preferably at the Taj, but if not elsewhere.I couldn't get a room Friday night so I went to some dump near the Boardwalk.
  7. Larry,Is your avatar you? Were you there yesterday at the Taj?Yeah I agree the place is a dump though!They did break out new shiny tournament chips though for the event yesterday!I didn't need gloves or anything. The people there are pigs though. The guy sitting to my left for several hours had lifted one of his legs, and it touched the underside of the table and came away with a big glob of chewing gum on his pants!He had to have them bring some of that gunk off stuff, and he said he has had it happen to him before. Nice huh?
  8. I actually have a very cool plan to have a very special t-shirt created if I am lucky enought to make the tv table that will only have meaning to regulars here on the FCP forum.Unless Daniel wants to work out a deal with me to go in full FCP regalia!!!
  9. I guess I am not too surprised he won't be there, I think this event even though it is on ESPN and I guess being a $10k is a major event, compared to the WSOP and WPT is kind of like the bastard step child of major events.Regardless is willl be cool to play it but very grueling if I am fortunate enough to last. I was exhausted yesterday playing for 5 hours straight.I really need to make sure I sleep this time and am well rested. The longest live tourney I have played was at the Bike which I won and it only had like 166 people and it still lasted 7 hours!Does anyone, Daniel or others that hav
  10. Yup, that's why I did it. I figured either he folds right then and there, which is what I would have done in his position, and I win the pot uncontested.Or he calls and I have so many outs that I still think it makes perfect sense to make the play at that point.
  11. Exactly.I really felt that it was 100% correct, I just enjoy the feedback on here, and the guy was so angry and he just couldn't understand to save his life why I would put him all in post-flop.I do like suited connectors, which is precisely why I played them.It was a fun hand.
  12. Wow what a nice offer! Well I think I can find a lovely lady to massage my balls, and hey as far as bankroll goes, Ron didn't you say you work in a bank?I was kind of counting on you to bring a bankroll for me, for the ring games!Royal can come too but he has to bring Elisha to massage my balls.
  13. Yeah Zim I tell you it is seriously shaking my confidence.Seriously the odds of 2 players having the very same hand twice in a row have just have to incredibly high!
  14. Well 2,3 suited is quickly becoming my new favorite hand!! The moral of the story also is never slow play kings!I am playing right now in a $53 +5 qualifier for the $700k today on PS. Blinds were 15-30 and the bb raise to 90, now I know you proably are thinking that, that should be enough to get draws out etc., but again I am doing well, have more than twice as many chips as him so I make the call. One other guy calls.Flop comes Q, 3, 3After the flop the other caller is first to act and bets 240, the guy with the kings, raises to 600 and now I think is a very good time with that much in the
  15. If I am fortunate enough to play well and go deep, I would rather make it to the FT with him and then bust him when it actually means something!Again just thinking positive here!
  16. I don't have one yet, I really have not felt that I necessarily had enough stuff of interest to write one yet, and or I am too busy/lazy.Actually I really probably have plenty of fun stuff to write about, non poker related, I am in the video game industry and have many, many stories about that, but I may write one at some point.In the meantime this is my poker home and other then a few random posts I make on 2+2 this is my nice disfunctional poker family so I will make updates here when I can.If I am fortunate enough to do well before or after the event I may make a trip up to Foxwoods to try
  17. lol, I actually did think about that, but sometimes these guys don't answer their pm's and I know he posts on here so I thought he might see it sooner, and or the mods might know the answer.But yeah I am proud of the fact that a working stiff like me has a shot, a long shot yes, but a shot nonetheless to win some potentially life changing money.
  18. Daniel,Are you going to be playing the USPC at the Taj a week from Tuesday? I won a satellite Friday night and will be playing it.Thanks!
  19. I just got back from a very successful trip to the Taj, and wanted to relay one great hand I had to see if anyone here wouldn't have done the same thing. BTW I was fortunate enough to win a $10k seat in the main event in 2 weeks.I was down there to play in the $500 NL event and to try and satellite into the main event. I came in about 175 out of 513 on Saturday so no money for me. I was so amped about having won a total of $12k in seats the night b4, that I couldn't get to sleep.I never, ever have problems sleeping but I couldn't sleep at all so I played the tourney and lasted over 5 hours
  20. ROFLMAO!I wanted to read it, but I stopped a couple of lines in!Please repost with a really cool invention known as paragraphs.
  21. because it is off-topic, I knew they would move it, but nobody looks any place but the main forumThanks all for the words of encouragement.I am confident Alf, sometimes I am accused of being too confident, but I would rather have too much than not enough.Well I am off to go down there now.I will check the board on Sunday or Monday.
  22. Stylin,Those pictures were pretty nice, but that next to last one was a little scary!Kinda had the I have a hatchet behind my back and I am going to put it right between your eyes ******* look!
  23. You never cease to amaze me!I agree with your earlier post, that's why variety is the spice of life.I love Steak but I don't eat it all the time, gotta mix it up!
  24. A bit of advice.....Don't be a pu.ssy.Do NOT be afraid to go broke in the first level.You need to go a little nuts in the early levels...there is not much room for play there.Put your raising hand on auto pilot preflop (in position) with anything better than J8.Run a ton of squeeze plays.....all the bad players are going to be limping alot with a ton of connected garbage and weak aces.If you are at the table with a PRO...he will be doing the ssame thing...so be advised.Thanks Alf for the advice.I have no fear whatsoever regardless of who is at the table.If I feel I have the better hand I have
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