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  1. I'm trying to qualify for the main event
    I may play one of the smaller events and also try to satellite in to the main event. I was fortunate enough to play the main event last year and would love to play it again if I am lucky enough to get the dough together. The structure is great, you start with $20k in chips and the levels are 90 minutes so you really get plenty of time to play properly. Good luck and hope to see you there!!!
  2. Bro, You are what we call WHIPPED! A man who is controlled by his woman. Poker is a mans game and this site should be enjoyed by all, but not by a couple. It's just Wrong. Poker night is a way to get a night away from your wife not a night to get her and her Bingo friends to join you! You are a geek for writing a thread about how you cried when you lost $1500 and you needed your girlfriend to Save you?Ps. Is your girlfriend ugly, assuming that since you did not defend her when I accuised her of being BUTT UGLY?
    I am going to assume that all of these posts are just because you think it's funny that people keep responding and that those aren't really your thoughts.If they are really your thoughts then you sir are a Neanderthal!
    Sometimes I say mean things, but dna4ever corrects me and warns me politely not to do it again
    LOLWe accept your apology!!!I want some noodles on my hippo!!
  3. a page ago you were telling him not to tell.. now you're criticizing that he shouldn't be afraid to tell... contradict much? You're dumb!Tit for tat.. you call me easy I call you dumb! I didn't realize I was defending him, he's a big boy can take care of himself, I was just adding my two cents. It's my fourth post already, I'm on my way to becoming a Forum Troll... WOOHOOO!
    Yeah you did defend him, but that's only natural and yes you will be up to a billion posts in no time!!Welcome to this wonderful disfunctional, make the Simpsons look functional family we have here at FCP!!!
  4. Since there are so many people watching and or chiming in on this topic I am going to temporarily hi-jack the thread for a good cause.POKERHave you all either emailed and or written letters to your Senator's regarding the bill that has already passed the house that would make it much, much tougher for us all to play this game?I assume there is probably a thread or many threads about this here but I generally only check the main forum so sorry to put this here but it's important enough that we all make our voices heard that I will risk the flaming to add it here too.Okay resume the regular topic.

  5. Hey Easy, Or Essi, Sorry I forgot what your nic was. Listen, First and foremost you should never have to Stick up for your man on a website. Kinda makes him look like a wuss. Secondly, ITS ONLY $1500)). Get over it. The man had one bad run on the blackjack table. Tell him it's Ok and you only live once and let him play poker for the rest of the trip. Also you should have played in the womans wsop. I mean if you are as good as he makes you out to be you might have scored huge and made him feel alot better about dumping a measely $1500. Now I'm sorry BUt I am assuming you guys are around my age 29? I assume that $1500 shouldn't disrupt your livelihood to any extent that your boyfriend would cut his vacation short and be affraid to tell you about. Anyway, Live and learn and next time bring a bigger Bankrol to Vegas.
    If you read her response she pretty much explained it all. Nothing wrong with her coming here to defend him. Doesn't make him look like a "wuss" at all, it makes her look very good to be backing up her man and makes them look good that they support each other. The key is for them to act just like that after they have been together for 5, 10, 15 plus years!
  6. If you play enough live, you will see pretty much the same crap you see online. We all could site hundreds of examples of seemingly strange stuff happening in a live game.It always seems exaggerated online because you are seeing many more hands dealt then you do in live game. Plus we always seem to remember the bad beats, but rarely do we seem to remember or cite the times that we have a crap hand and get lucky and suckout on some poor *******.It's not rigged period. Too much at stake for too many people to lose to rig the game.They have enough problems most notably the possibility of it becoming much tougher to fund accounts soon if the Senate is stupid enough to sign the legislation pending.If you haven't done so voice your opposition to this before it is too late. Bet on Sports just shut down access to US accounts which accounted for 90% of their revenue and they laid off 800 people in the process. This is NOT a good sign for us players. Go vote out these idiots in the house and senate that don't have anything better to do with their time and our money then to attempt to ban our right to play poker!

  7. Yea i created her account November 1st , 2005 .... just waiting to put out this story and have a fake fiance to back my story .WHat a NOOOOB
    Jim,You are truly a very fortunate man to have a great lady like that walking side by side with you. NO sarcasm! Great story, glad you had great friends to share the ups and downs with. I go to Atlantic City by myself as my wife has no desire to set foot in a casino so I envy you in a good way that you are fortunate to be able to go with friends and a supportive lady.Good luck to both of you, sounds like you are on the right track to a long and happy marriage!
  8. It is interesting how so many people don't understand Blackjack. Excluding Poker, Blackjack is the ONLY game in a casino where if you employ perfect basic strategy and play with favorable rules you can bring the house edge to almost even. Many people incorrectly assume that Craps is the game with the best player odds in a casino. The house edge ends up being negligible around 1/2 of 1%. This is without card counting, simply playing PERFECT basic strategy which is not difficult to do.However you CANNOT deviate and play hunches. Blackjack is all math and if you play perfect basic strategy the game is profitable. I have read dozens of books on Blackjack and only found one that had a good betting system and I have used it for years and it does work.It is definitely not the keep doubling up method. That is a sure fire way to go broke. I played Blackjack for years before taking up Poker a few years ago and I plan to go back to playing Blackjack as well since so few people understand it.Although tournament Blackjack is completely different then regular Blackjack you can do very well there too and I won my very first Blackjack tourney I entered several years ago to the tune of $25k and came back and won it again 2 years later at the Tropicana in Vegas.Blackjack is a great game if you know how to play it. I have considered for years teaching people how to play, maybe even writing a small strategy guide for it.Maybe I will get the initiative one of these days to do it. I could teach anyone that has the willingness to learn, how to be profitable at Blackjack..

  9. Do you have a rough idea what first pays? Or how many places they do pay? I know it is based on # of entries, but if you have a rough idea it would be appreciated.I think that is why i am looking forward to this tourney. Here in VA, poker is banned at public places when played for money. But, we have a free roll league here that plays at different bars so that is what i have to play here for tourney's. Anyways, for my league, start with $1500.00 in chips 15 minute blinds and use pretty much the basic blind structure, but with no antes ever. So, my way of thinking (and god i hope i am right!! LOL) if i can win here with this type of tourney, that midnight one should be right up my alley (knock on wood). thanks for the info, will let everyone know how it goes. Wish me luck!!
    I don't know about the Borgata tourney but the Taj midnight tourney I believe usually pays around $2,500 to $3,500. It should suit your style but be prepared for quite a few very loose players. The last time I played I was knocked out with Ace, King against a player calling with Queen, 6 off suit and catching his 6 so you need a strong stomach but it's cheap so if you catch some cards you may do well.Have fun and good luck
  10. Leaving tomorrow for AC with the wife. Plan on planning in some of the tourneys there, i am looking forward to the midnight tourney at the Taj ($38+12). Anyone else here that can give me some info on good tourneys and where the good rooms are at for low limit NLHE it would be appreciated. Also, anyone here play in the Friday night $500 buy in at Borgata.. how is that tourney?Thanks, wish me luck!!
    There are plenty of great tournaments down there. I have not yet tried the Borgata $500 yet but the Tropicana has a tourney that is $100 +20 with one add on that pays $10k for first place if they get 100 or more which they almost always do on Friday's.I like the games at the Borgata but can't agree that I love the new room yet. It is very nice room but unless things have improved I think the service was terrible.Although they have 85 tables many were closed when I was there on a weekend because they did not have enough dealers. The drink service was just so/so and they have one pretty dumb design flaw in my opinion, they only have 1 bathroom in a room that at capacity could have 850+ people not counting rail birds or people waiting for a table.But despite that I also will be going down there for the Super Satellite in two weeks.Good luck and have fun,majorleag
    The midnight tourney at the Taj gives you 10,000 in chips but the rounds are only 6 minutes..... The tourneys at 12:15 and 6:15 are 5000 in chips and 20 minute rounds for 80 + 20
    Actually the rounds last 12 minutes unless they changed it in the last couple of weeks.
  11. Wow what a long thread!Bottomline I think the entire issue is not really about whether or not the suit is good or bad for Poker. It is simply about an individidual's rights to protect his image or brand.The release allows the WPT to use their image. Everything is all well and good IF they don't.What if they do use their image for a produt that they find objectionable? They need each other, many of these players would not exist as celebrities and the WPT would not exist without many of these players.It is easy to say well if you don't like this highly restrictive rule then don't play, however not so easy to practice. If you are already a very wealthy Poker player then maybe you can afford to pass on all the WPT events and just market your brand or play in cash games, WSOP and other tournaments.What if though you are a regular guy like I suspect most of the people on this forum are and you are lucky enough to satellite in to a WPT event and then lucky enough to make a final table and you have to sign this release? Then you start to establish some noteriety yourself and all of a sudden a product is released that has your image implying to the public that you endorse it when in fact you have no knowledge of this product and you in fact find the product and or the company objectionable?I will give you a real world example, I like many others on this forum have tried or will try to enter WPT events. If and yes I know it's a BIG if I am ever so fortunate to enter let alone final table at a WPT main event I can tell you that I will have issues with the release. The reason for this is that there is a company that HAS already been given rights by the WPT to use players images which I have a specific objection to, and if my image were to be used in this company's products I would have issues with this.I will not go into what the company is or the product nor my specific reasons but suffice it to say that I would really be in a difficult position where either I would have to forfeit a huge amount of money that would be very signifcant to me or I would be forced to give up my rights and see my image used in a product for a company which I have specific issues with.So while an established wealthy Poker player at least has an easier time making that choice, although they should not be forced to make that choice either, an as yet unknown player like you or I cannot so easily throw away a chance for potentially life changing money.Respectfully,majorleag

  12. Man I am soooo lucky that my wife completely and utterly supports my love for poker. She watches me play. She watches all the poker on TV with me. She is there when I am feeling down after a tough loss and picks me right back up. Anytime I feel like giving it up she gets me out of that funk. She buys me poker books and stuff on bdays and xmas and always asks me how I did every day. She has never gotten made when I lost hundreds and has been there to celebrate when I win hundreds. We went through some financial problems when we refinanced our house and I was going to delve into my BR to help us out and she demanded that I do not, that was mine that I worked hard to get to where it was at and she wouldn't feel right using it for anything but poker. Gotta lover her!
    This was truly a wonderful FAIRY TALE and brought a tear to my eye!
  13. It has been a long hard road for Stacked. PC and Xbox shipped. PSP and PS2 due to ship next week.Lot's of reasons for the delay, most recently was because Atari who was supposed to be distributing/publishing the game for Myelin Media lost it at the last minute.Now it is being distributed/published by Southpeak.I don't have very high expectations anymore for this title based upon the pre-books which have been cancelled but if the game turns out to be as good as everyone expected then who knows it may sell okay.Good luck Daniel, hope it does well for you!

  14. As the age old adage says "You can't believe everything you read"The game will not be available until 6/1/06 at the earliest. It is due to ship from Atari on 5/31/06 so a few stores will have it on 6/1 and it should be widely available on Friday the 2nd of June.That is assuming that it does not slip yet again. It does look like this date will hold though.

  15. Latest date should have it in stores around the 4th of May assuming that it doesn't slip again.So soon you can all play Poker as and with Mario, compete in pie eating contests with Greg Raymer and much, much more!! :club:

  16. I know there are 2 or 3 of you out there that give a damn about this game so I thought I would let you know the latest date.Now it is scheduled to ship 5/2 which would put it in stores around the 3rd or 4th of May depending on where you shop.Pretty amazing that these guys could screw this up so badly but there you go. The MTV special that Daniel shot like a million years ago is still in the can ready to air as soon as these guys get their crap together and ship this game.Hell if they delay it any longer they may be able to shoot a new show with Daniel playing Poker from his retirement home!!

  17. Well thanks, TF.I did pretty well at the Borgata about six weeks ago in the Borgata Winter Open. I'm hoping to do well this weekend.
    Yeah not only that Kenny but you have your picture in the latest issue of Card Player, the one with Hellmuth on the cover. Looks like you did very well for yourself, so congrats.Hopefully we will both do well on Sunday, good luck.
  18. I will be there as well Friday for the satellite and if the wind is at my back, etc. etc.I will in the words of the Terminator "Be Back" on Sunday for main event as it were.It will be interesting to see how many people enter on Sunday. After they award as many packages as possible the next place finisher gets all the rest of the cash which could be a pretty nice chunk of change depending on how many entrants they get.Good luck to any and all that are going to be down there.

  19. This is one of the better threads I have seen in awhile with some good constructive advice. I also would like to add that for anyone that plays online and hears that it's rigged or maybe you yourself have thought/said that, the same crazy beats happen in a live game as they do online.It is just that you play/see so many more hands online that you end up remembering them more. Also when you have Aces cracked you remember that much more then when you make a desperate move because you are short stacked and win with some crap hand.We always remember the beats more then the lucky wins. The best thing you can do is to play your best, in an attempt to always get your money in the pot with the best of it.You will still make mistakes and when you do, you need to figure out what you did wrong and then make the adjustment the next time you are presented with the same or similar circumstances.The best thing that I have learned over time is to realize that Poker is a life long game if you choose to continue with it, so one or two bad beats are not the end of the world.Yes it is tough when you lose, when you "should" win but that is where long term playing good solid poker will pay off.Also last night in the $10 PS Rebuy I was in a pretty good position with about $19k in chips after the break with the average stack at about $10k. I end up with Ace, King and after having lost 2 other hands previously where I was the favorite going all the way to the river, that had hit my stack pretty hard, the flop comes with 2,3 Ace so not wanting to mess around and having a pot of a few thousand out there I pushed all in. Doing so because I felt that one guy who had been pretty aggressive playing middle strength Aces and weak pairs and calling with them would pay me off. Well he had Ace, Queen and of course hit his 3 outer on the turn knocking me out.I could have been upset but the reality is that I played the hand properly and had my money in, when I was pretty confident that I had the best hand. And I am not sure that I can really blame him after the flop for calling either. Although I can tell you that I am making some pretty good laydowns now and I believe I could have gotten away from Ace, Queen myself knowing the way that I had been playing.You can control how you play a hand, but you cannot control luck. This was a tourney where I played very well but was out drawn in almost every single large pot I was in, that's the way it goes sometimes. You can do most things right and still come out on the short end of it.The other thing I have finally learned the hard way is knowing when you are beat, or most likely beat and making big laydowns even if it is very tough or painful. I made the biggest laydown that I have ever made in this live tourney on Friday, laying down a set of queens. I did so because I was sure I was beat and it turns out my read was right. In order to survive in a tournament and especially in one with many participants is knowing how to make a tough/big laydown. I can't say that I feel I can do it all the time but just doing it once felt about as good as it does to win a huge pot. I can't remember who said it originally to give them proper credit and I am paraphrasing a little here but "chips saved are chips won". How true! Even if your read is wrong and you layed down the best hand, you still have chips, but if you make the wrong read for all your chips, you are on the rail.I won't bore you with all the details here, but I posted it in my blog. It is funny too because while it was very painful I didn't think it was a difficult laydown after I took the time to analyze the situation.In any event, the longer you play the more you mature as a player and then you can better evaluate what is going on. I can tell you that my game is improving dramatically, mainly because I broke my game down to the basics and most importantly was honest with myself regarding mistakes I was making.

  20. Bottomline you just have to be patient, and if you are confident that you are making the right moves it will all come together.Just make sure that you make an honest evaluation of the moves you make, are you taking position, the type of player you are playing against etc. etc. in to consideration when making your plays?Whether online or in a B&M you will suffer plenty of bad beats, but long term good solid poker will prevail.This weekend I went to Atlantic City and played in a $200 NL tourney and got all the money in with the best of it and got out drawn, I left knowing that next time my hand hopefully holds up.With about $2,300 left of my original $5k and with almost $2k already in the pot I moved all in with Aces fully expecting/hoping to at least double up and maybe more if the original big stack pre-flop raiser calls. He calls with Ace, 7 of hearts and you can guess the rest, 2 hearts on the flop and one on the river and I am on the rail. No big deal, it happens.Hang in there, do plenty of reading and practice, practice practice.GL

  21. I know it's not simple. I'm only asking why they chose not to make it for the 360. Stacked is supposed to be about the online play, that's what I keep hearing, but they are ignoring the 360 with this game, which has the best online capabilities of all console systems. This doesn't make sense to me, which is why I am asking questions. If they are making it for 4 systems, why not 5, if for nothing else but to include the next generation of consoles?
    There are most likely several reasons but I will speculate as to the most likely which is the lack of installed base. A title like Stacked will not sell like a Call of Duty, Ghost Recon or Madden on any system and when you have to spend the development dollars on a system that only has approximately 700k installed with a title that is not a mega hit it does not make sense financially.There are 34 Million PS2's, and 14 Million Xboxes in North America. No idea how many pc's but probably somewhere in the 100 Million range so that's why they are not doing it for Xbox 360.If and only if Microsoft can fix their supply issues quickly there MIGHT be around 10 Million units installed in North America by this time next year. I can tell you though that this will not be fixed soon as we are hearing that it will continue to be horribly allocated until May or June.Well I am off to Atlantic City so I will check back with you fine folks on Monday.
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