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  1. all the ballers eat dinner with their moms yo
  2. Don't forget the exhaust. exhaust.bmp
  3. No way i'd be at work the next day after that kinda cash. Nice play though
  4. Big deal, i easily play 26-27 hours a day. Oh, and my dad can beat up your dad.
  5. Yep, only cause donkeyboy Gordon sucked out on him. I've seen Moneymaker get his money in good many times and haveterrible luck.
  6. I find $25NL and $50NL to be quite a bit tighter these days, so i started playing Omaha.Pots are huge and the players are terrible. It's been much more profitable for me.
  7. Unless Gene gets lucky, Phil will win every time.
  8. QFTAlso,Bob Marley and the Wailers - Babylon by Bus
  9. They must be cheap, every teenage girl in my neighborhood drives a Mustang.
  10. You didn't post any reads, so i just assumed you like flipping coins for buyins.
  11. or you just feel like pissing away a buy in.
  12. There's no reason to call an all in preflop with AK in a cash game.
  13. Can someone send me an invite?rustoleum5@yahoo.com
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