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  1. ***I don't know why more Americans aren't playing at bovada.*** Anonymous tables.
  2. It's surprising the different veiws people can have of other peoples opinions.. There's already 6 pages at 2+2, soon to be 10 I'm sure.... First about "where is your blog", then moving onto arguing about the content. Isn't a blog someones opinions and thoughts put down on paper, or in this case a video? If you find value, or want to learn about someone's thought processes and values, taking the time to veiw the blog is a great tool. I haven't made a video blog, but have to speculate there's a good margin of time and expense used in putting that together. Wether you agree, disag
  3. Harrah's has a decent 60$/$40 rebuy daily at 11am and 3pm. They also have $150 nightly all with knock outs. No antes, and decent structures.
  4. Someone needs a lesson in humility....
  5. Until the people spending "our" money have some direct accountability on where and why it's spent, we won't see much improvement.So far I don't see much changing in the way those issues are handled, but wouldn't mind a surprise or two in the near future..
  6. They already do, CBS, ABC, MSNBC and NBC. I'm watching less and less of that as well..
  7. Anyone ever listen to AirAmerica? It was pretty bad no matter what side of the political road you like to stay on.There is a large cross section of Americans that enjoy listening to conservative radio shows. I don't see the need for all the governmental energy put toward shutting that down? Why turn off a piece of interesting "entertainment"? Kind of makes me wonder what kind of people we have attempting to stifle "free speech". If the liberal shows were better, more people would listen. Since a democratic candidate was elected, you would think there would be an audience for a good product....
  8. For the most part, it was interesting watching until heads up.I can imagine the struggles it takes putting that together in an effort to get a good product for veiwing in a compressed time period.The televised portions have to be good for the non poker playing crowd as well as us. That's why we see and hear the two announcers. Although some of the content from shorty gets annoying, it's still decent.If they continue growing the veiwership, only good things can happen.
  9. You guys might take a look at Daniel's blog from today. It might shed new perspective on the effort taken in putting together the broadcast of the final table, and the conclusion.I enjoy watching the ESPN broadcasts, and will continue to do so.
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