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  1. oh i get it now, nobody who actually plays poker posts here, nm.ty for the link, i was starting to think i was going strange. you guys still did better than 2+2 though, i posted this in their main tournament forum and got similar responses to here
  2. pot is 76k, i have 360k to call, and that is much more valuable to me at the moment than the split of this pot. hey if the guys bluffing more power to him, i just dont believe it personally
  3. so its not suicidal because one person considered folding and called anyway? can you imagine how badly you'd berate a guy that actually tried this bluff in this situation in this tournament?tbh its not a problem for me that everyone thinks this call is obvious, i love his overbet shove here purely because an A calls incorrectly every time
  4. save this paragraph for every time someone posts the results in a thread? i dont really see where ive been results orientated, i dont see how this can be a bluff, its the most suicidal spot for one ive ever seen, and the split pot posibility isnt worth calling the all in for.maybe you are the results orientated one for thinking your viewpoint is stronger because he had the hand im worried about? ever thought about that?
  5. ok so the concensous is that if we put him purely on an A, its a fold, but people regularly make this push with two pair, sets, bottom end of the straight, flush draws or pure air, as well as any ace.cool. his range seems a bit generous, but hey, you're the experts, im the moron.
  6. strange situation indeed, so im not surprised it took someone so long to figure it outobviously i called, he had AcXc and rivered the flush. sure it wont happen often, but its enough that you can just write off the split pot and move on to the next hand
  7. but its standard for a player dumb enough to be bluffing on this board to make the final 3?
  8. ok, tribeca 15k gtd, $27 rebuy, down to the final 3.stacks are 470k for me, 400k for villian, 220k for the other guy. ive been chipping away at them both since it got down to 3 way. blinds 6k/12kvillian limps on the button, SB limps, i check with A6ddflop comes Jc Qh Ks and is checked around. turn is Tc. SB checks, i bet 20k, villian pushes, SB folds, I fold?
  9. thank u, i ended getting second...my main concern was to finish in the top 3 i played the heads up battle like a donkey, the guy never raised preflop, he liked seeing flops i guess...when he raised preflop, i shouldve know he had a hand, instead a donked off my chips with k9pretty much
  10. i cant imagine daniel makes a full pot bet there with the made flush, it gives the guy far too much of a chance to get away from it, i think hes more likely to get a bit of value and bet $50-75k if he has a flush, (he can bet the full pot with a straight, it looks more like a bluff because the obvious draw didnt get in) and so didnt have it this time.i also believe he doesnt have to "think about it a while" when hes got a straight flush draw on the turn, its a auto call. deciding to call and betting $150k on a club as a bluff or $150k if he makes his straight takes a little longer and i think
  11. black did well, and kanter showed a willingness to try to take over the table, but just never realised that there were points that people werent getting moved off hands, like barch with the K7. if he'd kept out of those hands and kept winning the small pots with raises and reraises preflop, he'd have strolled it. barch played far too tight, he should have kept active and not let him get into a situation where he feels he needs to push with A6.hescham obviously played well after the Q7 hand, that was just the kick start he needed to propell him to victory. and the JJ that won him the pot that k
  12. haha, he could win it this year and next year and there would still be people that complained about him getting lucky :*)welcome to how to win a big MTT
  13. just depends what your definition of a pro is. by some peoples definitions there will be 8 or 9 at the FT, by others there wont be any.
  14. is there anywhere that doesnt have this structure that isnt a decent sized buyin event? i like the 75/150 and 500/1000 levels, i dont see those about many places
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