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  1. how much was buy in? id say prolly an easy fold. villain could limp the button with 22,33, A2 or A3, the way the hand has played i think we are up against bottom set here or at least 2 pair. Looks like a limp call where the flop hit him pretty hard. I think we can rule AJ+ out because he would DEFINITLY be raising with that, and you could possibly be looking at 45 for the flopped straight, but i think thats unlikely. Throw it out and look for a better spot
  2. i think $25 just reeks of a strong hand, i understand what you were going for here (him shoving when he sees the tiny bet) and for this particular opponent that may have been the best move. But in general i would discourage betting less on the river than the turn, a thinking opponent will know what you are up to and will either just fold or flat you.
  3. dont limp a pocket pair UTG against stations, you should be raising here to balance your range. also what is up with the QQ hand where you bet $25 on the river after betting $40 on the turn??
  4. The last 3 times i have gotten all my money in with this hand has been on the turn, each time they have one or two card outs and each time they hit. At this point it almost feels like i am playing against the site and not the players, and each of my last 5 sessions have all ended with me playing for about 3-1/2 hours and making good money then losing it almost all back in one hand. Having a very stagnant feeling about poker right now and feeling like the deck is out to rape me. lol. I know this is to be expected and is a part of variance, but just needed to vent.*Hero has a LAG image and h
  5. exactly as said above, re-raise preflop and if villain re-raises you then you can re-evaluate your hand. With the preflop re-raise that river card becomes much less scary...
  6. been playing a lot of heads up lately, really enjoying the fast pace and challenge it offers, and have been pretty successful thus far. However, the last couple days ive been running really bad. Seem to either have the second best of everything (obviously) or the draw out occurs. This just topped it off.10th hand with villain- has raised every button and OOP 3 times, always c-bets and is extremely aggressiveFull Tilt Poker Game #8494435734: Table Coach (heads up) - $0.25/$0.50 - No Limit Hold'em - 2:42:45 ET - 2008/10/15Seat 1: Hero ($52.75)Seat 2: Villain ($49.90)Villain posts the small bli
  7. Fold...this is a limped pot and 67, J7, JQ are all extremely possible options for villain here. Also, given villains re-raise to just under 3 times your flop raise, i feel like he is asking you to call with anything lucrative here. As mtdesmoines said as well: you need to know something about villain to play this hand and after playing about 100 hands together you should be forming a decent idea of what type of player you believe him to be.
  8. Let me consult my "get rich quicktionary" here, hmmmmmm....... It seems the two best ideas are 1) sell drugs or 2) embezzel $$ from a company (although i don't advocate either)
  9. Big stacked here and was throwing it around a little, had raised last 6/9 buttons. Previous hand played with villain ended with me showing AK high against villains AQ down on river with villain raising in early position the entire way. Villain is a LAG player. Hero has a LAG image and raises pre-flop with a wide range of hands.Full Tilt Poker Game #8364770332: Table Bat (deep 6) - $0.10/$0.25 - No Limit Hold'em - 19:59:40 ET - 2008/10/05Seat 1: Wanteroktus ($50.15), is sitting outSeat 2: TKJoe ($26.35)Seat 3: POZAK ($49.95)Seat 4: Villain ($47.10)Seat 5: Hero ($65.80)Seat 6: PokerDave7 ($52
  10. i bet about 60-75 here and NEVER fold when villain shoves this particular flop. This is (almost always) a great flop for you and besides the (unfortunate) flopped sets, only AA is really beating you here. Many times villain will have JJ or QQ and we will scoop in this spot, but as maniac limped i think we can erase AA, QQ, JJ, and 10s from his range here. He got lucky and out-flopped you... sucks but part of the game
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