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  1. They didn't change anything. They were actually doing work on the high rollers area and put them in the poker room during construction.
  2. Because it's Poker Stars, everyone goes all in with any ace!
  3. The way your opp played this screams Q10. That just seemed to jump at me the minute I read your post. You're out of position so you can either put in somewhere between a 40-50% bet and hope he has a pocket pair or AK like you or you can check and call a smaller bet. Either way, if he pushes, chances are he has you beat.
  4. I too had hoped to see Obama make president (yes I am Canadian but it matters to us because the US has so much of an influence on us). However, I read the article below and it makes me think. I still think Obama is a good choice but some of his glitter has been lost for me. As published in the Toronto Sun: Michael CorenSat, January 26, 2008 Start the scrutiny By MICHAEL COREN I am not an American and cannot vote in any U.S. election. If I could, however, I would vote for virtually anyone other than Barack Obama. Not because of his colour. Condoleezza Rice, for example, would make an o
  5. Easy fold. You're a loser to any 9, pocket 3, QJ or the less likely of pocket K or 10. The villain could have any of these hands, the way you played it.I would have bet at least the pot or more on the flop to see where I was and to discourage someone from looking for a spade flush. Your hand wasn't that strong to begin with, and you got lucky getting the 10 on the turn. Again, a much higher bet is called for on the turn. As you played it, unless you have a wicked tell on this player, they most assuredly have you beat.
  6. Lucky You or something like that with Drew Barrymore about a poker player who falls in love.
  7. Well, that's all of us but we didn't do too bad. I won in >10 sit and go and only paid 55 for the add on.Good game all.
  8. well it was a tough finish but it was fun.Good luck Czar and forreal
  9. That's poker!I was thinking of folding because KK seemed to be the hand he most likely had.Oh well.
  10. Payouts:31 - 40 = $50030 - 21 = 75020 - 11 = 10001st = 25000
  11. Got very luck with AQ against KK, now to 16000
  12. I am still in. Folded pocket 5s to an allin and two 5s flopped.Called two allins with AA at 12000 and was up against jj and 44, 44 caught fh but I was up to 30000.Huge chip stake raises big, I have AQos reraise all in double up.I have won two more hands and now up to 84292.
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