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  1. Nope, never saw him play at all or looked at his stats. That's why I put him at the end and not with gold yang and moneymaker. It wouldn't be fair for me to throw him in that category if I don't have the slightest clue of the strength of his game.
  2. In this orderHachemEastgateRaymerVarkoniYang Moneymaker and Gold are the luckiest sobs ever and need another miracle to win another bracelet.
  3. Does Cardplayer pay them for that? That was the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Ashton Kutcher would be turning in his grave if he were dead.
  4. Very nice, don't stop there!
  5. But at least you saw them win, hasn't been happening much lately. I'm going to the game tonight, maybe they'll make it two in a row but I think I'd rather stay home and watch the cavs celtics game. Oh well.
  6. Tough loss, Gators really pulled through in the second half
  7. Damn that was a quick ship, thanks. You have some auto program? I know you took a lot of bets.
  8. 10 sent for florida -5.5, let me know if you got it.
  9. I need to empty my pokerstars account. Anyone for a bet? I want Florida -4 tomorrow, only ten dollars. Anyone interested?
  10. Flop the joint, nice. I was watching the final table but Poolhall Junkies finished downloading. gg!
  11. I thought you only had to be 18 to play there. When I lived in Orlando I played at the Tampa Hard Rock a lot and once at the Hollywood all before I was 21. Something about Indian territory?
  12. MADD will never let this happen.When I lived in Orlando we used to drive to Tampa to play at the hard rock casino, it was 18 and up and i started going when i was 19, never even got carded. However, they didn't serve free alcohol and they did ID you for that. I'll agree with make them wait. It wouldn't be the end of the world if they changed it but dammit it took forever to turn 21 and a few days after my 21st I drove 36 straight hours with a friend to Vegas and it was well worth the wait!
  13. This is just capitalism at it's finest. No one can say how much they deserve to make, that's for supply and demand to decide. If people get fed up with it, then they have the choice not to buy in. If the number of participants decreases, then the income will decrease, as well as the sponsorship. Maybe then they'll lower the entry fee. But for now it looks like a great business and they have no reason to lower the entry fee.One more thing, if i did the math right, a 585 entry fee for a live 10k buy in tournament is very low already.
  14. standing room only tickets to the clincher saturday, here are some pics.http://a602.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/image...613b9d08d49.jpghttp://a944.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/image...f64bd187257.jpghttp://a576.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/image...93bbe370047.jpg
  15. It's the first hand of a deep stacked tournament. In my opinion, it's worth a call. You have no idea how this guy plays and there are plenty of hands you can beat. So two things can happen with a call, either you lose, but gain a lot of info on him, or you win and gain a lot of info on him. I think losing the extra 400 in a deep stacked tournament is worth the information, especially when you add in the chance that you may have the best hand.
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