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  1. They'll just transfer it to you. It's a good tourney and really when you're at a table with doyle or another bounty. The only thing that sucks is cake lowered all the guarantee games. I'm guessing a lot of sites left the cake network, I know sportsbook left and went to playaces, it sucks.
  2. I wish my name was DikshitThat was a good read. I hate Barney Frank but this is one thing I can agree with him on. Of course I'm sure he'd want to overtax it like alcohol and cigarettes.
  3. Hey guys, I just got tickets to the Bears and Lions game in January and we're going a day early to go to the casinos. Would it be worth getting a passport to go to the Windsor casinos or are Detroit's fine? I've heard some good things about Windsor's night life as well, but I'd rather save the passport money unless Detroit casinos are as shitty as the rest of the city. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  4. I feel like the hand should be dead and the sb collects the pot. Sometimes there are some stupid ass rules though.
  5. Win this shit for North America. gg.
  6. Thanks, 9th for 80 and 27 in bounties. ak<55 after a kj5 flop.
  7. If anyone has cake, im 7/9 in the 5k bounty. 934 for first. I'm Glavin.
  8. 50 dollar deposit last year, started with 5 dollar stt. Now mostly 10 dollar, 20 every now and then but mostly mtt, heads ups, and heads up shootouts. I throw in a stt every now and then. Mostly NLHE but I try limit sometimes. Got up to 1800 and just took out 400 to give poker vt a try.
  9. Since when were Russians allowed to move out of the country?
  10. Russia, a country with the greatest natural resources on the planet, has a failing economy because of Marixists like Putin, Medvedev and Gorbachev who do the worst things at the worst times. How can you do something that will cause hundreds of thousands to lose their jobs when the world economy is already shrinking? I disagree with just about everything Obama has done to try to boost our economy, but at least, AT LEAST he hasn't done away with gambling. Wow.
  11. Didn't you hear? This year you can buy in up to 50k if you want, and there is no minimum buy in. Whatever you have they'll be happy to take.
  12. I watch a lot of Jim Gaffigan, it must rub off on me.
  13. No, I guess I might have "hijacked" it though. But what do you expect from someone with 50 lousy posts.
  14. Apparently some people don't spend every day reading every thread on this forum. Sorry for the repeat.
  15. At my table? I don't play the main event. I'm more of a 10 or 20 dollar buy in guy. Idiots are fine but my point was it would narrow the field, leaving the true gamblers of nhle, whether good or bad. But it would mostly cut idiots. Like if I could afford 10k and not 50k, it would cut me, an idiot.
  16. I think the main event should be a 50k buy in. Does anyone really care that Jamie Gold made it through a field of thousands of people to win the main event? People win the lottery all the time, nobody cares. The main event started as a 10k buy in in the 70's but 10k was a lot more then than it is now. 50k, or at least 25k, would cut a lot of idiots and still bring a pretty big field.With that being said, I disagree with OP.
  17. No, but I would like to hear all about it.
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