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  1. If you just call preflop, you can avoid the tight players monsters by folding pre. Had tight player fold you can stop and go on the mad russian with virtually the same result against him. Would work best if the tight player had a "shove/fold" stack.
  2. On one of your weekly rants, you talked about Liv Boeree's appearance on Golden Balls, and said it was game theory optimal to always select steal.Have you ever seen this clip?http://www.businessinsider.com/golden-ball...e-theory-2012-4
  3. What did you think Ivey have when he tanked-folded a pair of sixes after missing the flush draw to Dwan's 3 barrel bluff?
  4. This hand kind of surprised me. From what I recall, you never really considered folding. With how loose he's been playing, surely you are able to find a better spot then this situation. I mean at this point of the tournament, you are in a good situation, and must think you're the best player on the table. You've been able to control the table. I think shoving/raising is a mistake, because when you are called you're usually racing or way behind. As one of the best players left deep in the field...you don't need to take these spots with your chips stack and situation. A 5x raise seems lik
  5. Watching videos of yours and of DN's, you both look at some flop textures and the tipping point between a call or a fold is the back door flush draw. Could you comment more on this?What conditions are you looking for to make a flop call with a backdoor flush draw, where otherwise you would have folded? What bet size would makes you leans towards a call? Always need position? Deep stacked? Need a combo? (eg. back door flush + two overs). What is the general plan on the turn when -A) The turn gives us a flush draw and opponent checks into us?B) opponents bets?C) we make a top pair and are
  6. Very nice addition. The first three parts of his first video has been very high quality. I know a lot of people have complained about the lack of content, but the addition of Jcarver more than makes up for it, since he provides so much insight to his game.He's also willing to take questions on the forum. I would like to know if he would do a tournament history review of some subscribers? If so, I would like to submit a recent tourney I played for review. Thanks.
  7. - I am from Edmonton, but rarely play live there.- I did not take the lead preflop. I raised to 250, got reraised to 700 and cold caller behind before I called oop.- On the flop, I am out of position. Against just one opponent - the crazy Asian, I would have probably just flat the bet....and let him bet the hand for me. If it was the Aussie betting instead, I would probably try to make it look like I had a flush draw by taking a long time to just call -> if the turn is non-diamond, I can check raise all in.As played, on the flop I was confused as to why there is so much money in the pot.
  8. Hello,A little bit about myself before I get to the hand. I normally play 5 table turbo sngs on stars, and recently turned to cash games. About a month ago, I won a freeroll tournament on PokerStars to spend a weekend with Daniel - to learn about strategy and have a good time.In any case, I had won some W$ from the WSOP satellites last year, and decided to play this years APPT Macau + holidays on top of it.So after the lessons from DN, this was my first time playing a live tournament since taking them. And this hand I played specifically this way because of what I learned. The tournament -
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