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  1. Brilliant.Name the last NBA superstar to win a title without a star player helping him.Take your time.Hakeem Olajuwon?
  2. Saw this in Card Player online, their most recent magazine has an article on Paul Darden, who had this to say:“I weathered the storm, and now I am the storm. The cream is going to rise to the top, and this cream is dark.”I can just hear it now at Starbucks - "This is light cream - I ordered dark!"
  3. I saw an advertisement for a DVD package on carospokersecrets.com ...2 DVD's for $19.95 plus Caro's poker tells for and additional $9.95.Anyone seen this yet? Any feedback?
  4. I was playing a hand at Bellagio 2/5 no limit game. I was completely card-dead for a while, so I had this very tight table image.I finally get AQs in late position and open for a raise, I get called by this guy in about 4th position. I recognized him from the last time I was there, and he seemed to have a slighly larger stack than normal, but not outrageous. Flop is rags, I bet out, about pot-sized, hoping to take it with my tight image, and partially thinking I might have the best hand. He calls, and I put him on a draw. Again, turn is nothing, he checks, and I move in, putting him on a stri
  5. what's the password? I'll be playing as VeroTony...
  6. I re-raised thinking he was trying to bully me because I was new to the table. I see now that perhaps it was a mistake. Thanks for the input.
  7. OK, playing at the Wynn 2/5 no limit hold'em game, bought in for $400. Only a few hands in, I get TT in 7th position. Folded to me, I raise 15, guy on the button raises to 30. I re-raise to 60, and he pushes all in. We have about the same amount of chips, he might have me covered.I know this guy is tight - I had already witnessed a crazy hand involving a $2000+ pot. I may post the details of that pot in another post, but I could tell from his endless comments on how he would've played it that he was a tight player.If this is early in a tournament, it seems like an easy laydown. However, it's a
  8. LOL I about spit my coke out at that. I just had this image of this happy go lucky fan jumping on a jet plane to go watch this heads up match only to arrive and realize he missed it. Good thing for the 'happy go lucky fan' that there is not only the match today, but one on Friday as well.Funny vision, but I was talking about Friday. You can read my response to Vade, made about 1/2 hour before you posted... you must have missed it.And skip the 'happy go lucky fan' crap... sounds pretentious.
  9. So.. obviously you didn't read the part about Friday at 7:00 PM... because then you wouldn't have posted this dumb flaming response.
  10. YES!!! I'm leaving for Vegas tomorrow night. I am going to come check this out for SURE!!!Anyone interested in a report?
  11. QQ, at Bellagio. Strangest thing... guy CALLED me all the way down for $600 with nothing, not even a reasonable draw...
  12. Early in a $10+1 PartyNL Hold'em SNG. I get AA, 4 limpers to me. I raise 4x BB, BB calls, MP player calls, all others fold.Flop comes 368 rainbow. BB bets 180, MP calls, i raise all in to protect against the draw. I'm fairly certain I have the best hand. BB folds, MP calls. Turns oput that I do have the best hand - I got called all in by KRABLAR!You know the rest of this story... 3 falls on the river to crack my Aces.The part that REALLY ticked me off however, was after I lost, I typed:"Krablar fan, eh?"No answer...So now I'm really angry - clearly he did not call because he understands the p
  13. OK, so there seems to be two schools of thought when it comes to strategy early in tourneys:1. Accept some additional risk and try to build a big chip stack you can use to pound players later. I call this going for the win.2. Play really tight and try to build your chip stack slowly. I call this going for the money.Each one has advantages and disadvantages. Higher risk early means more chips and a better shot at a win, but at the risk of busting out early. Going for the money often results in making the money, and is therefor more consistently profitable, but often times you don't have enough
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