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  1. these are fun, and much better than the Full Tilt freerolls
  2. I only play micro stakes totaling maybe $50 a month and was on the list for about 4 months before being sent a sign up link.
  3. I would get rakeback and learn how to calculate the odds/M on your own without the tournament indicator software. It'll help you in the long run.
  4. I'm going to enter events #2 and #9, maybe more depending on how it goes.
  5. Shoot automatic weapons at the vegas gun store!http://www.thegunstorelasvegas.com/gunrental.html
  6. Scanned through it.I can attached the PDF if you want to see it.Here's a link to the PDF:http://www.djwavelength.com/wpt_boot_brochure.pdf
  7. I got an email from the WPT Boot Camp sales people today with a PDF attached. I scanned it and noticed this skill you can learn in the tournament section:Is this some kind of term I haven't heard of? Maybe they meant "betting"? Or maybe Clonie is teaching the class!
  8. It'd be great if Clonie was decked out in Full Tilt gear
  9. Is it JC Alvarez, or do I need to pay more attention to the red pro names?
  10. Going to try the Double Deuce for once
  11. Mirage, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, Planet Hollywood, Poker Palace, Harrahs in Vegas, New Orleans, and San Diego, Calgary Stampede in Canada, Edgewater Casino in British Columbia, Bicycle in LA, Harvey's in Tahoe, Circus Circus in Reno, and some local card rooms in the Bay Area (California where I live)
  12. I was there a month ago - Caesar's was by far the nicest poker room i've ever played in.
  13. How much did the aggro old guy, other caller, and person behind have in their stacks?
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