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  1. http://www.homepokergames.com/japan.php
  2. No need to play in a casino. Just about every major city has dozens of private clubs and home games.www.homepokergames.com
  3. That's right, it is, and I am gay. This is why I have such confidence that DN is gay. Ever heard the phrase "takes one to know one?"And yes, you are a bean bag.
  4. No, but some of us did. So....feel free to bite it bean bag.
  5. He is probably torn about coming out of the closet.....
  6. BigD is 100% correct on this. Who gives two shi*s about grammer in a forum such as this? Had DN completed high school and not lived with his mommy until the age of 28 he would have developed the necessary social skills to realize that this sort of BS is unacceptable; political correctness aside. DN is a ******, end of story.
  7. I didn't catch the certifiably part the first time around. That sh** is classic.
  8. DN was asking the Pokerwire people about their interview with Mike. During the interview with Mike Dutch comes up behind Mike and asks "Mike, you ever see a man drink his own piss?"This is what DN was asking about. You can find the Mike Matusow interview on You Tube
  9. He is also not scared to mention the thing about Daniel being Gay. I mean, who don't know that?
  10. 100% for sure you should dump the blog, the columns and this website. Don't stop there, hop on a plane and go back to Canada also.
  11. I bet you are the most regular DN nuthugger. Got some real hands on experience I'm sure.
  12. Well, bless your tiny little heart DN. Ordinarily I don’t get involved in such nonsense; but this thread was just too tempting. I fear that it is you who has lost his mind, not Phil. I too was once a fan of yours. However, over the last couple of years your true colors have shown. Now, don’t get me wrong; nobody can question your poker talent. For arguments sake can we agree that just about anyone on this forum can develop the necessary skills to achieve what you have if the conditions where right? By conditions I mean; A.) Live with mommy until we are 28 to support our habit B) Pay no rent an
  13. That depends, are you male or female? Based on your self description I can't tell.
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